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Important Dates for Self-enrolment

It is important that all students understand the key dates that may restrict your ability to change your enrolment.

Census Date

Census date is the final day in which a unit may be withdrawn without incurring a financial liability or academic penalty  . All students should know the Census Date for any teaching period in which they are enrolled. Please always refer to Census dates when considering any enrolment options or changes.

Self-Enrolment Cut-Off (for adding units)

Students may add units to their enrolment via self-enrolment as late as the Friday of Week 1 in each teaching period. Beyond this date it is reasonable to assume that key learning outcomes have been covered and it is therefore necessary to obtain permission from the unit convenor to be late enrolled into the unit.

Any student needing to enrol after self-enrolment closes should refer to Late Enrolment Procedures.

Adding Units

IMPORTANT: not all units are available in each teaching period and not all units can be enrolled via the self-enrolment.

If you are having difficulty locating a unit via self-enrolment it is possible that:

  • The unit is not offered via self-enrolment
  • The unit is not offered in the teaching period you with to enrol
  • You have completed or are currently completing the same or a similar unit
  • There is something that is restricting your access such as unpaid fees or academic probation

Regardless of the issue, in the first instance students should refer to the courses and units database to check for unit availability and any rules that may restrict an enrolment. If the issue cannot be determined at that point, students should enquire with the Student Centre.

Withdrawing Units

Students may withdraw units via self-enrolment any time prior to the end date of the enrolled teaching period. It is generally recommended that students consider the Census date as the last day to withdraw from a unit, as any withdrawal after that date is subject to academic penalties and financial liabilities.