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Late Enrolment Procedures

Students may add units to their enrolment via self-enrolment as late as the Friday of Week 1 in each teaching period. Beyond this date it is reasonable to assume that key learning outcomes have been covered and it is therefore necessary to obtain permission from the unit convenor to be late enrolled into the unit.

Students enrolling after the self-enrolment cut-off Friday of Week 1 in all teaching periods must complete a Unit Registration Form (PDF, 558.86 KB) and obtain written approval from the unit convenor in order to be late-enrolled into a unit. This completed form must be submitted to the Student Centre (Building 1, Level B) in person or via your University of Canberra student email account.

Late-enrolments are subject to a $60.00 late-enrolment fee in circumstances as stated below:

After Friday of Week 1 and before 11:59pm on Friday of Week 2 

  • Unit convenor approval required, no late fee.

After Friday of Week 2 and before 11:59pm on Census date

  • Unit convenor approval required
  • $60.00 late-enrolment fee payable (please attach proof of payment with your application)
  • Note: In the instance Census date occurs before Friday of Week 2, the late-enrolment fee is not applicable

After Census date (exceptional circumstances only)

  • Unit convenor approval required*
  • $60.00 late-enrolment fee payable (please attach proof of payment with your application)

    *After Census date, unit convenor approval must be supported with approval from the Associate Dean of Education of the relevant Faculty and the Director of Student Administration. The Student Centre may be contacted to facilitate this additional approval.

Late-enrolment fees are payable based on the submission date of Unit Registration Forms. Late-enrolment fees are not payable based on approval dates.