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Credit Points

Note: at the University of Canberra: 3 Credit Points = 0.125 EFTSL (Equivalent Full Time Study Load)

Most universities in Australia use credit points as a measure of how much a specific unit counts towards an enrolled course. The number of credit points required to be completed are also indicative of how long it will take to complete a course when enrolled full-time. The value of credit points does not correlate between universities and students should take care to identify the institution specific value of credit points when making any comparisons.

At the University of Canberra standard units are generally worth 3 credit points and a student completing a standard study load will undertake 24 credit points over the course of a year. This may vary depending on the Location & Mode of Study.

The below sets out the credit point values across courses and units:


  • 3 credit points (most standard units)
  • 6 credit points (industry projects and some placement/internship units)
  • 9+ credit points (research and major projects)



  • Single Degree Courses (72 credit points) (3 years)
  • Double Degree Courses (96 credit points) (4 years)


  • Graduate Certificate (12 credit points) (6 months)
  • Graduate Diploma (24 credit points) (1 year)
  • Master’s Degree (36-48 credit points) (18-24 months)