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Enrolment Information

Year Long Enrolment

University of Canberra is encouraging students to enrol for the whole year.

Enrolments for all 2020 teaching periods open on the 25 November 2019.  

All students will be able to amend their enrolment, according to university scheduled dates, up until the census date of each teaching period. Please always refer to Census dates when considering any enrolment options or changes.

Re-enrolling for 2020

Things you need to do:

  • Identify the units you wish to study for any 2020 study periods applicable to your enrolled course.
  • Refer to Your Study Pattern and ensure your unit selections are compatible with your course requirements.
  • If in doubt, refer to the courses and units database or seek course advice from your faculty.

When will the timetable be released?

University timetables for Semester 1 2020 also opens on 25 November 2019.

For assistance or more information

If you wish to take a break from study, change courses or adjust your study load, contact the Student Centre.

What is a year-long enrolment?
University of Canberra is encouraging students to enrol for all teaching periods they are planning to study in over the next academic year.

When can I start enrolling for the following year?
Enrolments for the following year will open around late November. 

If I enrol for the whole year, will I be charged for units I had enrolled in future teaching periods now?
You will only be charged for units in the most current teaching period. All students are required to pay for their tuition fees or submit a Commonwealth assistance form by the end of week 1 of the relevant teaching period.

Can I enrol into a unit now for Semester 2, which has a pre-requisite unit which I will be enrolling in for Semester 1?
You can enrol into units for all future teaching periods even if you haven’t successfully completed the pre-requisite units. To do this, you have to be enrolled in the pre-requisite unit first. The system will assume you will pass any currently enrolled pre-requisite units until a result has been finalised for that unit. Once a result is finalised the system will check to make sure you have passed the pre-requisite unit. If you do not pass the unit your enrolment in the subsequent semester 2 unit will be removed from your enrolment.

If I enrol into units for future teaching periods, will I be able to amend the units later on?
Yes, you will be able to amend any enrolled units up until the Census Date of the relevant teaching period. Please note that a late enrolment fee may be charged for unit additions or amendments after week 2 of the relevant teaching period. 

I am an international student - does the yearlong enrolment apply to me?
Yes, all students of University of Canberra including international students are encouraged to enrol for the whole year. Enrolment into future teaching periods is not mandatory but international students enrol in a full-time load as per their visa conditions.

I am completing the academic requirements of the course in the next teaching period; do I have to enrol for the whole year?
If you are completing the academic requirements of your course in the next teaching period i.e. Semester 1; you do not need to enrol into any other future periods (e.g. winter term or semester 2). The University of Canberra encourages non-completing students (both international and domestic) to enrol for the whole year . 

I do not know what units I should be studying in future teaching periods?
The University of Canberra advises all students to contact their course convener/administrative course conveners to get a study plan for their course. This will allow you to plan ahead and balance your personal and academic life.

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