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WIL for Employers

You can integrate Work Integrated Learning (WIL) into your workplace easily. We have all the necessary tools and detailed information to help you access the UC's talent – contact us for information on how you can link in with our students, or offer additional opportunities outside of normal course requirements.

Contact the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and Employability Team
(within Careers UC)
T: 02 6206 8807

Work Integrated Learning (WIL), offers employers the opportunity to work with enthusiastic students from a range of disciplines.

Employers enable students to integrate theories learned in the classroom, into the workplace. WIL prepares students to understand the expectations and demands of a professional environment.

Each WIL program has different requirements for students and employers, basic principles include: 

  • UC supports students through workplace insurance and mentoring
  • UC provides pre-placement guidance and support to students before they undertake an internship or placement
  • Internships are unpaid if they are part of a course curricula; they can be paid under particular circumstances or in certain disciplines.

There are many benefits form partnering with us in WIL initiatives, including:

  • Accessing enthusiastic and motivated students
  • Accessing fresh and creative minds, to promote new ideas and encourage innovation
  • Assistance in achieving your business outcomes
  • Access to a talent pool of students for your future workforce
  • Promotion of your organisation to the student body and wider University audience.

Industry engagement is encouraged across the University of Canberra at all levels. Find out more information on WIL types and opportunities through all UC Faculties.


The WIL Team in Careers UC can act as an intermediary between yourself and the students. We will determine your needs and locate the appropriate faculty program. Whether it be a placement, internship, project-based unit or other form of WIL. If you want to advertise an opportunity to UC students, Contact us.

Find more information on connecting with students for Career and employment opportunities


Interested in offering a full time semester based paid internship to one of our top students? Participate in the University of Canberra's Knowledge Exchange Placement (KEP) Program. This is an internship and scholarship program that will enable you to: 

  • Access our best students (based upon Student GPA's);
  • Engage the student full time for a whole semester; and
  • Designate a project the student will complete during the semester.

The University of Canberra is committed to providing WIL and employment opportunities for students on the Bruce campus and through the multi-billion dollar campus development initiative. Find more information on student WIL opportunities on campus and information on how to get involved in the Jobs on Campus initiative.


Thinking about taking on an intern, or are you in the process of negotiating with a student? The below tools and information should help you. Contact the WIL Team if you need clarification or further information. 

BEFORE A STUDENT COMMENCESEnsure the following has been organised, before a student commences:
  • Students have been booked in for workplace inductions and appropriate orientations,
  • Students have been paired with a workplace mentor who can provide them support and appropriate supervision,
  • Students have been provided all necessary document i.e. A broad position description, terms and conditions, values and mission, and dress codes etc.
  • A work space and necessary tools have been organised to ensure students' perform their effectively. This includes a clear agreement about their days and hours
  • Once the Internship is confirmed, thoroughly read through the emailed insurance confirmation letter.
  • Ensure the student has tangible and productive work where they can contribute and learn. 
  • Ensure the student receives, reads and signs any necessary paperwork, i.e a confidentiality agreement. 
  • If necessary, re-confirm working hours and duration of internship with the student.
  • If the internship location is isolated, (away from emergency services) ensure the student is informed of any risk management information.
  • Provide students with information relevant to necessary licences or approvals for their internship. I.e. Working With Vulnerable People Card or a Police clearance.

During the workplace induction, ensure the student is provided an OH&S briefing including:

  1. Health and Safety policies, 
  2. Procedures for reporting accidents, 
  3. Emergency and evacuation procedures, 
  4. A tour of the building and facilities, etc.
  • Introduce the student to their supervisor who will be supporting them during their internship
  • Read the students' learning agreement with them
  • Regularly check in with the student to ensure they're fully contributing. UC will also advise them to be transparent and open with you about their progress. 

Please get in touch with the Unit Convenor if:

  • The student is involved in any accident in the workplace
  • You have any concerns about attendance or commitment.
  • Graduate programs
  • Work experience (internships)
  • Entry-level roles
  • Part-time/casual work
  • Volunteering opportunities

If you are an employer interested in offering employment opportunities to our students, please visit CareerHub for more information.