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The Spiritual Advisors or Chaplains have been invited by the University to assist in the personal and spiritual growth of members of the University community. It is recognized that at times people will find it helpful to refer to Ministers or Spiritual Advisors of their respective faith tradition.

The staff of the Multi-faith Centre at University of Canberra aim to be of service to student, faculty and staff wherever they are on their spiritual journey. The policy of respect for the individual and the right to their traditional beliefs is given high value by all participating team members. Staff can help put you in touch with your own spirituality, and if you want local faith communities.

The Multi-faith Centre is open daily from 9-5pm for a variety of uses.

  • Worship (informal and services).
  • Prayer, quiet time or meditation.
  • pastoral counselling in spiritual, religious and personal issues.
  • small weekly study groups such as; discussion, faith reflection, Scripture study.
  • Workshops at various times in the semester.

It is staffed by a group of people interested in Spirituality and who are available for an informal chat, teaching, prayer or discussion. The staff are able to assist as sounding boards and mentors in a friendly and supportive way. They liaise regularly with many of the local religious communities as well as those on campus and can help connect you with these.

The staff are willing to listen and explore any issues that you wish to discuss in a non judgmental respectful manner. The service is free and confidential.

We are aware that people routinely review their beliefs, faith issues and spiritual experience in the transition from school to university and from university to career pathways and long term relationships.

We are trained and available to help the University community with a variety of challenges and problems that life presents in areas such as relationships, sexuality, grief and loss, dealing with illness, marriage, family, faith issues and spiritual issues.

Students and staff sometimes need a person who understands the system but is not "part of the system". The staff at the Multi-faith Centre are invited by the university but are part of the ministry offered by their religious affiliation. The staff treat all matters with confidentiality.

The staff at the Multi-faith Centre and the University of Canberra are keen to see that it is meeting the needs of the University. Accountability is important to all the staff involved and the University. Without feedback, both positive and negative, we cannot assess the needs of our campus community and implement changes.

The following options are available for feedback

  • Write or talk to the Spiritual Advisor or Chaplain in person or by phone.
  • Write or talk with the person in the Chaplain or Spiritual Advisor's religion to whom the person is responsible.

You have several options!

  1. Click the link to go to the contacts page, this provides individual email details.
  2. Call the Multi-faith Centre office on 6201 2351.
  3. Drop in and introduce yourself; the Chaplaincy Office is at 1C104 in Building One.

The University of Canberra has a variety of support services available, e.g.

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