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Campus Access

Building Access Notices

The University of Canberra campus continues to undergo a process of renewal, with new buildings under construction and many existing buildings being improved and revamped. The Facilities website will keep you up-to-date with what's going on.

If you have any queries about the best access route to enter student central (via lifts) please contact our office for further advice and assistance.

Building 9 Lift Refurbishments

Please be aware that the existing lift in Building 9 is to be replaced to provide a new lift, compliant with current building and DDA requirements.

There is only one lift that services Building 9. There will only be stair access to upper level C & D during the installation period, 30 November to 15 February 2016. Levels A and B can be accessed from rear of Building 9 and the Concourse. 

Please see mobility map attached for further information.

Entrance Closures

Due to ongoing maintenance, please be aware that there will be some closures to entrances to Building 9, 20 and the adjacent stairs throughout January and February. The contractor will look to minimise disruption as much as possible during this period. 

The Facilities website will keep you up-to-date with what's going on.


Campus Maps including maps for people with disability regarding access to the University can be referred to at the page below:

Location of Disabled Parking Spaces

Car Park NumberNumber of Disabled Parking Spaces
Superclinic 284
Brumbies 292

The location of these parking spots can be seen on the map Campus map for people with disability.

Location of Lifts

Building 1North - outside Union Office Entrance
South - south east corner, adjacent Print Room
Building 2Nil
Building 3Inside the entrance at the level A undercroft and ramp start
Building 4Nil
Building 5Inside the entrance door at carpark
Building 6At the rear or west side
Building 7South west corner, through the undercroft
Building 8Behind the library information desk
Building 9Through the north entrance and two fire doors on level A
Building 10No requirement necessary
Building 11Inside the west entrance
Building 12Inside the entrance from building 3
Building 20Inside the entrance to the right.

The location of these lifts can be seen on the map Campus map for people with disability.

Location of Accessible Toilets

Building 1
(level A)
Theatre foyer
Building 2Concourse level at both entrances
Building 3Concourse level just inside main doors
Building 5Level B
Building 6Concourse Level
Building 7Levels A, B and D
Building 8All levels
Building 10Ground floor, south
Building 11Ground floor, east
Building 12Ground floor, south
Building 20Inside entrance to the right

The location of these toilets can be seen on the map Campus map for people with disability.

Location of Ramps

Building 1 (Administration)

Level A - South east corner is an access route to the south lift
Level B - South entrance to the lift and Accounts Section
Level B concourse - 4 entrances. Only the Union Estate entrance gives access to other floors via lift.
Level C - Ramp entrance and automatic sliding door at the south west corner

Building 2 (Lecture Theatres)

Level A - Automatic opening door at south entrance, which also provides access to the front of the lecture theatres via a steep internal ramp.
Level B concourse - both entrances on the concourse to the lecture theatres.

Building 3 (Applied Science)

Level A - Access from the undercroft to the lift.
Level B - Access to main entrance is via the concourse or from the carpark via the undercroft at Level A.

Building 4

The sports centre main entrance is not accessible. North doors can be opened for wheelchair access by arrangement.

Building 5 (Education)

Level A - Access from the carpark and from the north east corner from the library concourse. South west entrance near lift.
Level B - East entrance
Level C - Access to level C is via the lift and balcony.

Building 6 (Management)

Level A - Narrow entrance to the lift from the carpark at the rear of the building
Level B - Four entrances- Two from the south, one from the east and one from the north.

Building 7 (Environmental Design)

Level A - Proposed ramps at the undercroft
Level B - Proposed ramps at the south entrance. Building 6 provides to entrances to Building 7.

Building 8 (Library)

Level B - Both main entrances at concourse level, then to the lift.
Also see Building 1, Level A, north, undercroft access to Building 8. This depends on availability of staff to help.

Building 9

North entrance through the fire doors to the lift. South entrance has a steep ramp.

Ramp to Building 12Building 10 (Computer Centre)

Level A main entrance

Building 11 (Information Science and Engineering)

Entrance on Level A. Entrance on Level B via overhead bridge.

Building 12 (Nursing)

From Building 3, Level B. Also steep access from street to the main entrance.

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