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Academic Clubs and Societies

Run by students for students. Academic Clubs and Societies have been an integral part of student life at the University of Canberra (UC) for many years serving a range of courses and faculties. Joining a club is a great way to exercise your brain, learn new things, practice your leadership skills and make friends who share common academic interests. Some clubs and societies are free to join, while others require a small semester/annual fee. Your membership helps cover the cost of events throughout the year, as well as any specialised equipment or merchandise. Join a degree-related group to connect with your classmates, network with industry and lay the groundwork for your future career.

Current Academic Clubs and Societies at UC:

UC Psychological Society

The UC Psychological Society offers support to its members by providing an avenue for those interested in psychology to interact with like-minded students; faculty members, cutting-edge researchers and clinicians.

The society encourages full member involvement and will provide engaging social events and networking opportunities through functions and activities. The society aims to act as a source of information regarding occupations clinical excellence and further study opportunities through valuable extracurricular events and social connection.


Facebook: The University of Canberra Psychological Society

UC Midwifery Society 

The UC Midwifery Society aims to unite students (or anyone with an interest in Midwifery) to connect, communicate, and provide support to each other with laughter and friendship. We aspire to provide an enhanced learning experience through educational and social events.

UC Midwifery Society offers members the chance to expand their understanding and knowledge, to share ideas and experiences and discuss issues, while building up a community of like-minded individuals with a passion for Midwifery.



Canberra Student Pharmacy Association (CaSPA) 

CaSPA’s aim is to provide educational, professional, and social events throughout each semester. CaSPA is a member focus organisation, organising events that is interested and beneficial to its members. CaSPA is affiliated and have a close relationship with NAPSA (National Australia Pharmacy Students’ Association) and professional bodies (PSA, Guild, SHPA, PDL).


Facebook: Canberra Student Pharmacy Association

UC Radiographic and Diagnostic Imaging Association (DIA)

The UC Radiographic & Diagnostic Imaging Association aims to create a social pathway for medical imaging students to connect, socialise, study and provide a pathway for other health and UC students to experience and get a taste for the medical imaging degree. The club will service all new and current medical imaging students and will help provide a central an avenue for collaboration between the new Masters of medical imaging and Ultrasound courses that are being introduced to the university in the coming years. In the future this club could also help expose UC students to previous students currently practicing medical imaging in the real world for advice sessions.


Facebook: Diagnostic Imagaing Association

UC Food and Nutrition Society (FANS)

FANS aims to establish a support network between students, staff and others in the community who have an interest in food and nutrition. We plan to hold both social and educational events throughout the year.


Facebook: UC Food and Nutrition Society – FANS

UC Nursing Society (UCNS)

The UCNS is a club run by nursing students for nursing students at UC. UCNS aims to provide members with events, seminars, trivia nights, fundraising, leadership opportunities and social activities to assist nursing students to learn, lead, grow and connect with each other and the wider healthcare community in the ACT.


Facebook: UC Nursing Society

Student Led Association of Physiotherapy (SLAP)

SLAP seeks to provide the physiotherapy students of UC with social events, access to equipment at reasonable prices, professional development programs, and sponsorship during placement. Because SLAP is run by students, for students, it can provide the services that it feels is essential for students university experience.


University of Canberra Accounting AssociationUC Accounting Association (UCAA)

UCAA will focus on creating networks for students between years, courses and backgrounds. We are a chance to meet other students, ask questions about tough units, learn about the struggles ahead and most importantly – have some fun!


Facebook: UCAA

Canberra Law Students Society (CLSS)

Canberra Law Students Society (CLSS) is a very dynamic student body. As the School’s only student body, it represents the students to Canberra Law School and to the university as a whole. It hosts events connecting the students to the law profession and other employer groups, engages closely with School and contributes to other important events throughout the school year.  Canberra Law Student Society invites all of the School’s students to gain the most from the society by being an active member.

Memberships are available to University of Canberra Law Students.

Join Canberra Law Society


UC Politics International Relations and National Security Student Association (PIRaNaS)

PIRaNaS is a society established to provide resources that go beyond the classroom to promote a standard of excellence in professional development and academia among students of the University. PIRaNaS seeks to connect the leaders of tomorrow with the leaders of today to improve the readiness of students to make immediate and impactful contributions to the community.


Facebook: UC PIRaNaS

UC Economics Society (UCES)

At UCES we encourage students to experience University through uniting theory and reality. We do this by working to broaden the experience and opportunities offered to Economic students during their studies. This is executed through our volunteering opportunities on and off campus, professional networking events, industry knowledge seminars, corporate skills workshops, study assistance, mentoring programs and social events.



UC Advertising and Marketing Society (UCAMS)

UCAMS is a fun, vibrant and welcoming student collective. UCAMS provides its members with real industry exposure, networking opportunities, in a fun, supportive environment in which to socialise and learn.


Facebook: UCAMS

UC Architecture Society (Arclub)

Arclub is a faculty based club which gathers students form the discipline of architecture exposing them to the industry as well as the organisation of social events to relieve the pressure and stress of architectural studio.


Facebook: University of Canberra Student Architecture Society

UC Press Club (UCPC)

The UCPC works in conjunction with the National Press Club to bring you the best industry nights with addresses from Journalists, Photographers, Editors etc. The UCPC aims to increase their contacts and bring its members more chances to meet those of who members may aim to be.


Facebook: UC Press Club

UC Student Planning Society (SPS)

The SPS is a group of Urban and Regional Planning students who gather together to assist each other with assessments, whilst working alongside planning professionals to network with future employers to aid our planning future.


UC Writers

UC Writers is a student society for the promotion of writing – in all its various forms – at the University of Canberra. We offer writing workshops, a regular writing group, and news and promotions for Canberra-based writing events.


Facebook: UC Writers

Canberra Forensic Students Association (CFSA)

The CFSA strives to create an open community for forensic students to develop and learn in a supported and fun environment.


Facebook: CFSA

UC Engineering Society

The UC Engineering Society was founded with the mission to teach beyond the university curriculum, give students hands-on experience and to promote engineering to younger generations. Joining the society is a great way to network with new people, develop skills, and have fun.




UC Environmental Science Society

The UC Environmental Science Society caters to students studying or interested in environmental science. The society aims to provide members with opportunities to enhance their understanding of environmental science, encourage networking within and outside of the UC, and promote volunteering and work opportunities to club members.


Facebook: UC Environmental Science Society

UC Student Developer Organisation (SUDO)

Our mission is to develop. That’s it. Whether it’s your app, the next Facebook, or a less hackable census, the UC Student Developer Organisation exists for you. SUDO runs workshops and projects for members that are about learning new skills for real-world development.


Facebook: SUDO

Education ClubUC Education Club

The UC Education Club is dedicated to supporting all education students at the University of Canberra by providing professional, academic and social opportunities. We believe in the power of education and aim to create a sense of community within The Faculty of Education.


Facebook: UC Education Club