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Hey everyone, my name is Ewan and today I'm going to be showing you self enrolment part 1 getting started.

Before you commence this tutorial please ensure that you have accepted your offer and obtained course advice.  Please go to to complete these steps.

Make sure you have your student ID number and password ready and open up the website

Enter your student ID number with a lowercase u in the front.  You also need to enter your password to login.

Here you will see the home screen of MyUC.  Up the top there's an enrolments and timetables tab hover over and click on self enrolment

From here we have a list of enrolment steps. Start at the top which is course.

You'll notice that your course status inactive this is because you haven’t enrolled in any subjects yet.

You'll need to fill out the completion period and you can change this each time you complete self enrolment. Then next click update so that you get a green tick.

Proceed to the next step which is disclaimer. Read through the disclaimer making sure that your greater all the terms, then click update so once again you get a green tick.  Proceed to the next step which is declaration.

Again, make sure you read through this carefully it includes information about student email and statements of account.  Everything on this is important. Once you have read it, click update and make sure the green tick appears

The next step is statistics this is the information about yourself before you've studied at UC.  Make sure you work your way down the list, answering everything truthfully.

Once you have completed all the questions, click confirm.  The green tick should once again appear.

You have now completed part 1 of the self enrolment tutorial.  Please proceed to part two to continue.

If you need any help, contact the Student Centre on 1300 301 727 or go to the website
Hi I'm Rosie, welcome to the University of Canberra self enrolment guide part 2.

Before you start this tutorial, make sure you have your ID number and password ready.

If you plan to defer your fees make sure you have your tax file number before starting the steps. 

You will need to log into my UC, and navigate to the self enrolment section.  If you're not sure how to do this watch our self enrolment guide part 1 video.

Domestic students you will need to complete the Commonwealth Assistance Form.

Work your way through the form ensuring all fields are completed.  Also enter your tax file number at step 8a.

You will have two options you can pay your face up front or defer all your fees.

Once you have submitted successfully you will see this screen.  Once you've submitted you cannot make any changes for 24 hours, so if you have made a mistake you will need to log back in tomorrow.

The SA-HELP form is optional - if you want to pay the Student Services and Amenities Fee up front do not complete this form.

It is similar to the Commonwealth Assistance Form, make sure to enter all of your details including your tax file number,

Again, you will receive successfully submitted screen and, you cannot make any changes for 24 hours.

Once you have completed all of the self enrolment steps, including adding units which is covered in the self enrolment guide part 3, you can print a Statement of Account.  The University of Canberra will not post you a Statement of Account, so if you will be making a fee payment up front - download it.

Click on the Fees and Payments tab and select current Statement of Account.

This shows you the fees due for the current semester

Once your statement of account has loaded, you will need to click on PDF version under ‘How do I pay this invoice?’  The PDF statement of account will have payment details required for each of the payment methods.

Details of how to pay a listed on the bottom of the PDF please ensure that you enter the correct information when making payment.  We advise that you keep accurate records of all payments made to the University, so that in any instance of payment is not received, we are able to investigate further.

If you need any help, contact us at 1300 301 727 or by or, at the Student Centre located in building 1.
Hi I'm Jason, Welcome to the University of Canberra self enrolment part 3.

Today will be going through the unit steps if you're unsure of how to get here go back and watch parts one and two.

This is for majors and minors they don't apply to every course so make sure to seek course advice to know whether you need to fill it out.

This is where you choose your classes, you can select units from your typical study pattern found on the courses and units page or, alternatively if you have a study plan written by faculty administration staff you can choose units off that. 

Take the unit code and put it in the search bar, then click Search.

If you don't know the unit code you're also able to search the unit by name by clicking on the advanced units search button.

This will bring up the details of the unit you have selected.  Please make sure the unit name is correct, as well as the correct teaching period and campus.  In this example you can see the Bruce, Melbourne and UC College Bruce campuses.

Click Add, then Add to Enrolment.

Repeat this process until you've added all of your units.  If you're enrolling in the whole year please submit your Semester 1 units and then add Semester 2.

Once you’ve added them all, click the proceed to confirmation button.

It will show summary of what you are changing about your enrolment.  This is where you should check everything is correct, including the unit code and class type.

Make sure to confirm this step.

Then it will show a receipt of your changes.  If you want to go back and make any changes, click the back to enrolment button and then you can add or delete any units.

If you’re enrolling in a full-time load of eight units for the whole year, it will look like this.

To remove a unit, click the Delete button and then proceed to checkout.

If you need any help, contact us by phone on 1300 301 727, online at or in person, at Student Centre Building One.

You can enrol in units online via the MyUC student portal. Below are the basic steps on how to enrol, however for a detailed step-by-step guide, you can download the Enrolment Checklist and Guide (PDF, 2211.36 KB) (Bruce campus).

STEP 1 Login to MyUC.
STEP 2 Click on 'Enrolments & Timetable' from the top navigation menu.
STEP 3 Select 'Self Enrolment' from the menu on the left hand side of the page.
STEP 4 If you have an offer to more than one course, select the course you wish to enrol in (If you have only one course listed, proceed to step 5).
STEP 5 Click on the 'Course' link.
STEP 6 Carefully read and complete each of the self-enrolment steps.

If you aren't sure which units to enrol in, you can check the study pattern of your course through the Courses & Units Database (CUD).

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