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Faculty of Education Mentoring

Faculty of Education Peer Mentoring Program 2019

Peer mentors are a valuable resource for all commencing Education students.  Having a peer mentor gives you the opportunity to connect with experienced students to ask all of your questions in a friendly environment, receive essential advice and to lean from their experiences.

Starting at University can be overwhelming, so having a mentor to guide you through the first six weeks will help to ensure that your transition to University study is as easy as possible.

What are the benefits of the program?
  • Meet new people and establish connections
  • Learn directly from experienced Education students who have ‘been there’ before
  • Have a first port-of-call for all of your questions
  • Become aware of the many support services available to you as a UC student.
Will my Peer Mentor help me with my academic work?

Peer Mentors will help you to succeed in your studies, however, they are not tutors and are not trained to assist with their academic work. Peer Mentors will share with you how they have achieved their own academic success. They will help you find crucial resources, let you know who you should be contacting for help and will keep you informed of the many support services and workshops available to you

Am I eligible to sign up?

If you are enrolled on-campus in the Faculty of Education and it is your first semester of study at UC, then you are eligible to register for the program.

How does it work?

For the first six weeks of the semester, your allocated mentors will meet with you once a week at a mutually agreed time. Generally, contact is made via UC email or text messages as well as in person. It will be important for you to keep in contact with your mentors and to respond to email or text messages throughout the program. Your first meeting with your peer mentor will take place during Week One of Semester 1.REGI