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Airport and Bus Pick Up Form for New International Students

Please read the following and accept the conditions below before booking.

  • This form is to be completed and submitted at least 5 working days before the scheduled arrival. The University cannot guarantee pickups that are submitted later than this. 
  • Pickup service is only offered to first time arriving International students. If you are a past or a continuing UC student, please do not submit a request.
  • Please ensure that all details are provided correctly. Bookings that have incomplete information may not be processed. Please note that questions marked with 2 stars ** are compulsory questions.
  • You are required to advise the University ( of any changes to your booking at least two working days before your arrival.
  • The University of Canberra cannot guarantee pickups after 10 pm. Confirmation of booking after 10 pm depends on the driver's availability. 
  • If you are delayed on the day of your arrival you must contact the University Representative Driver to inform them of the delay or cancellation of your arrival.
  • Once you have arrived in your pickup point (airport/bus station/train station) and collected your baggage, look out for our representative who will be holding the University of Canberra sign 

Important note:

If for any reason you cannot contact or locate the driver, or have missed the pick-up service, please catch a taxi from the Airport/Bus Station taxi rank (or phone 132 227 to book a taxi). Please ensure you keep the receipt as you may be eligible for reimbursement of the fare. The average taxi fare from Canberra airport to the University of Canberra campus should not be more than $50 Australian dollars.

Please note that you will be reimbursed the taxi fare only if you have notified the driver (Phone.0407 600 066 or +61 407 600 066) about the changes to your arrival time.

Your Canberra Address

Please give the street address of where you are going to live in Canberra. **

If you have been given a room at Arscott House or University of Canberra Village, just write Arscott House or UC Village
Homestay Contact Information
If you are staying with a Homestay Family please provide a contact number of the family you are staying with

Personal Details

Title **
Family Name **
First Name **
Student Number (if known)
Nationality **
Email **
What will you be studying at UC? **

While You Are Travelling

Do you have a mobile phone number or e-mail account which we can use to contact you while you are travelling?
If your answer is yes, please could you give us the mobile number or e-mail address so that we can contact you if necessary?

Arrival Details

Date of Arrival in Canberra **
Time of Arrival in Canberra **
Airline / Train / Bus Company Name **
Flight No | Bus No | Code **
Upload a copy of your Flight/Bus ticket **
Please Ensure the File name includes your Name and Student ID.
Number of Extra People (These must be family members)
Number of Bags (Student's plus extra person(s))
Please Note Any Other Important Details

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