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Permitted Materials

Materials permitted in an exam will be specified on the Examination Timetable. Changes will not be made to permitted materials after the final version of the Timetable has been published in Week 12.

Permitted materials are subject to scrutiny by and at the discretion of supervisors.


If listed as a permitted material, they must be removed from their cases, memories cleared and be checked by the Examiner prior to the commencement of the Examination. If students have any concerns about the type of calculator they are using, they should check with the Examiner prior to the exam.


Dictionaries of any kind (eg language dictionaries or accounting dictionaries) are permitted in an examination only if specified.

If a language dictionary has been specified as a permitted material for an examination, all students may bring in a hardcopy only of either or both an english language dictionary and a foreign language dictionary. There is to be NO notes or markings inside your dictionary.

Thesauruses are not allowed as a dictionary unless specified.

Mobile Phones & Other Electronic Devices

Electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, hand-held computers, iPods, MP3 players or dictionaries are not permitted into the Examination Room.

Students found with mobile phone/s on their person during any examination will have their examination immediately cancelled and removal from the examination room. Any candidate found with an electronic device or unauthorized material will be subject to action under the Student Misconduct Rules.

Personal Items

Students are permitted to take purses and wallets into the Examination Room, and must place them under the desk or in their bags. Those who bring bags must place them in the areas provided at the rear or sides of the room.

Students concerned about the security of their valuable items should make alternative arrangements for their care. The University does not guarantee the safe keeping of student's personal items during exams.

The wearing of hats and other headwear is not allowed during examinations unless permitted by the Examinations Office.

Food and drink

Food or drink is not to be taken into Examinations except for items such as glucose sweets and water in a clear, see-through bottle that may be permitted at the discretion of the Examinations Office.

Smoking is not permitted in any University building at any time. You are not permitted to leave your examination for a cigarette break.

Stationery Items

Students are permitted to take pens, pencils and erasers into the Exam room. No other materials are allowed unless specified for that exam. Pencil cases must be placed underneath the desk. Students are not permitted to bring scrap paper into an examination. All rough workings are to be done on the blank sides in the script books provided.

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