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Examinations and Results

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This information is only for final end-of-teaching period exams run by the UC Examinations Office. It does not cover mid-semester assessment quizzes or tests.

Semester 2, 2019 Deferred Examination Period

Tuesday 28 January to Saturday 1 February 2020

These dates include approved Supplementary Exams Requests since last examination period.

Exam Timetable Release DateStatusAccessComments

By 3pm 2 January 2020

To be releasedmyUC Student Portal

Includes your exam date, time, location and permitted materials;

All UC-Bruce students, not including students registered with Inclusion and Engagement (see below);

By 3pm 2 January 2020

To be released UC Student email

UC-Bruce students registered with Inclusion and Engagement only;

Includes exam date, time, permitted materials and details of reasonable adjustments.

Note: UC Bruce students onlyStudents from UC College, UC-Melb, UC-Bris, UC-GC, SWSI, NSI, HKBU, please contact your campus student administration office from TBA.

Students may access their personal timetable by the following steps:
Go to the myUC Student Portal (see top right hand corner of this page)
Log in using your normal myUC credentials
Click on the 'Exams & Results' tab
Click on 'Exam Timetable' (on the left)
Your personal exam timetable will appear (scroll down to the very bottom of the page)

Once the personalised exam timetable is released, please check this against the full exams listing to ensure none of your exams have been missed in your timetable.

You can find the full list of examinable units as arranged by the Exams Office at TBA (Examinable Units)

If your exam in the Gym, the seating schematic can be found here.

Examination timetable and seating allocation

  • Your seating allocation is available from your MyUC site under exams and results/ exam timetable.
  • If you are unable to access your MyUC timetable please contact Student Central at or on 1300 301 727.
  • Exams for your unit may run in more than one venue so allow enough time to find where you will be sitting. Please show up to the location and check the lists put up outside of the venue for your student ID and seat allocation. If your UC ID is not on the list you will need to go to the Exam Office in the venue and ask the venue manager to look up your seat allocation, please remember to bring your student ID card with you. You will not be allowed into the exam if your identity can not be validated.

Important details that need to be read and understood

  • Students are required to be available for the whole duration of the examination including Saturdays.
  • Misreading the examination timetable will not be accepted as a reason for failing to attend an examination.
  • You are required to arrive at least 30 minutes before your published start time. This is to ensure you are seated and ready to commence at the published start time. No extra time is given to late arrivers.
  • It is not advisable for students who have medical documentation for illness to sit the main examination as no special consideration will be given once you have attempted the examination and you will not be given an opportunity to re-sit. You should read the information on Deferred Examinations regarding eligibility criteria. Please note that for deferred examinations, there is no further deferment available through the Exams Office. For further information on Deferred Examinations refer to: Deferred  Examinations

Exam Session Start Times

Main Exams for Semesters 1 and 2

and Deferred Exams for Winter Term

Main Exams for Winter Term,

Deferred Exams for Semesters 1 and 2

9.00am (no admission into the exam after 9:30am) 9.00am (no admission into the exam after 9:30am).
12.30pm (no admission into the exam after 1:00pm) 2.00pm (no admission into the exam after 2:30pm)
5.00pm (no admission into the exam after 5:30pm)

Note: no extra time will be given to any late arriving students

Conditions of Entry into Exam Venue

  • All students must have a current,  signed University of Canberra ID card (with a valid photograph) to enter an examination room.
  • Electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops or Hand Held Computers, Dictionaries, iPods, MP3 Players, Smart watches etc. are not permitted to be used.
  • Students found with mobile phone/s on their person during any examination will be subject to action under the Student Misconduct Rules.
  • Any candidate found with unauthorised material, notes or equipment will be subject to action under the Student Misconduct Rules.
  • Students are advised not to bring valuables into the examination room and that if they do, they do at their own risk. The Examinations Office will not be held responsible for any items lost.
  • Students to remain silent unless communicating with an exam invigilator or Exam Staff

Exam Clashes under UC policy

While all due care is taken to avoid exam clashes for each student, if a student discovers a clash (two exams scheduled at the same time) they should contact Student Central on 1300 301 727. One of these exams will be rescheduled during the exam period. The number of consecutive exams allowable under UC policy is as follows:

  • A student must have not more than three exams in a row (consecutively) and no more than two exams on any given day**.
  • *Three exams in a row are deemed to be:
    • A mid-session exam followed by a late session exam followed by an early-session exam the next day, or
    • A late- session exam followed by early and mid-session exams the next day.
  • **Two exams in one day are classified as either two exams in row e.g.: an early session exam and a mid-session exam or they can be separated by a session e.g.: an early session exam and a late session exam.
  • If a student exam load exceeds these rules the student should contact the Examinations Office immediately to have one of the exams rescheduled.

To read the policy in full, please refer to the Assessment Policy and Assessment Procedures documents.

Alternative Exam Arrangements

Inclusion and Engagement?

Modifications to examination arrangements can only be arranged for students who have registered with and been assessed by the Office of Inclusion and Engagement as requiring alternative arrangements. UC Inclusion and Engagement can be contacted by emailing or telephone: 02 6201 5233. Students who have a valid and current Reasonable Adjustment Plan for exams will receive their personalised exam timetable via UC email.

For further information refer Inclusion and Engagement.

Elite Athlete Program

Students who have registered with the Welfare Office under the Elite Athlete program may be eligible for alternative exam arrangements. Should you have any questions regarding eligibility and criteria, please see If you are already registered, contact for queries regarding your exam timetable. Students approved for alternative exam arrangements will receive their personalised exam timetable via UC email.

Study Skills

For help and advice on study skills, you should also refer to the Study Skills website for details of face-to-face and online study help programs to assist you in your exam preparations please see:

Off-campus and/or Overseas exams

Please note that the UC Exams Office does not arrange exams for UC-Bruce students to sit their exams off-campus and/or overseas.

Supplementary Examinations

See Supplementary Examinations

2020 Examination Periods

Academic Year Academic Period Exam Cohort Dates
2019/2020Semester 2Deferred28 Jan - 1 Feb 2020
2020Semester 1 Main 11 May - 24 May 2020 
2020 Semester 1 Deferred 20 Jul - 02 Aug 2020
2020 Winter Term Main 20 Jul - 02 Aug 2020
2020 Winter Term Deferred 20 Nov - 15 Nov 2020
2020 Semester 2 Main 20 Nov - 15 Nov 2020
2020/2021Semester 2DeferredTBA

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