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Frequently Asked Questions

Is reporting on end-user engagement mandatory?


Who is required to report on end-user engagement?

Any student at UC within an HDR program who is considered a current student must report on end-user engagement. This includes students who are:

  • enrolled,
  • on intermission,
  • on leave,
  • under examination (including the undertaking revisions),
  • those students who are not yet conferred with the HDR award,
  • those who have not undertaken any research end-user engagement. In this instance, zero attendance for research end-user must be recorded.

What if I have no end-user engagement to report?

You are still required to confirm that you’ve undertaken no engagement activity. You can simply provide “NONE” as your response.

What information do I need to provide on end-user engagement?

The following information is required

  1. The name and details of the organisation where you have/are engaged
  2. Start date and End date of the engagement. End date is not required if the engagement is still ongoing.
  3. The type of engagement (e.g., internship, fieldwork training, paid or unpaid employment etc.)
  4. Number of days of engagement per week (average)
  5. Name and contact details of any supervisor located in a research end-user organisation who is supervising you
  6. Start date and end date of the supervision by the research end-user supervisor

What if I have multiple research end-user engagement activities in a reporting period?

You can record as many end-user engagements as you’ve had in a reporting period.

Can I report the same engagement activity across multiple reporting periods?


When do I need to provide information on end-user engagement?

The University is required to report on research end-user engagement to the Department of Education and Training four times each year.

The reporting periods are:

  1. Engagement from January to March: Data required by 20th May
  2. Engagement from April to June: Data required by 20th August
  3. Engagement from July to August: Data required by 20th October
  4. Engagement from September to December: Data required by 15th March (following year)

Can formal training include training from an external provider, or internally provided at the HEP?

Formal training can be reported regardless of whether it is delivered by the HEP or an external organisation.