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Further Details for Students

What can I expect at the Tertiary to Work Fair?

The Tertiary to Work Careers Fair is your opportunity to meet with representatives from various organisations and departments, and to discover the employment opportunities they offer. The majority will be seeking to promote opportunities for final year students to join their organisation as a graduate recruit. Some organisations will also have formal vacation employment and internship opportunities for earlier year students. So whatever year you'll be in, the Tertiary to Work Fair will be useful to you in researching employers and your future career options.

Who will be at the Fair?

Employers representing the private sector, state and federal government departments and industry bodies will attend the fair to promote their organisation and its employment opportunities to students from a range of degree disciplines. 

Even though some organisations want students and graduates from specific discipline areas, most consider students from any discipline, placing more emphasis on skills, e.g. independent thinking, curiosity and the ability to multi-task.

In other words, there may be opportunities for you with employers that you might not initially think of. Consider, for example, that a Design student may have developed unique problem-solving skills through studies and work, and that this can give them an edge over other candidates. Similarly, a Graduate Recruiter may be very interested in a Science student, who has developed a solid methodical approach when taking on challenges. A PR student may find a good fit in the Marketing stream of a Graduate Program that emphasises strong analytical abilities and communication skills to manage accounts or products and linking internal and external agents.

So, consider the transferability of your skills and experience!

What do I wear?

Neat and casual clothing will be appropriate. This is not a formal interview, but first impressions are very important.

Is there any preparation necessary before I attend?

Tertiary to Work is your opportunity to talk directly with employers, and to get the most out of it you will need to do a little preparation. Over 60 organisations are expected to attend the Fair and it may be difficult to talk to all of them directly.

Closer to the event select the top 5-10 organisations with whom you would like to make contact (the full list of employers who will be in attendance will be made available on this site closer to the date of the Fair). If you do not know much about them, it is essential that you undertake some basic research by visiting their websites, or start by researching sites such as: and Find out about the different work areas of the organisation and think about which areas you would like to work in. Many organisations also list their main clients and current projects. It is also important to find out about an organisation's graduate recruitment procedures, so that you can ask particular questions at the fair.

What should I take with me?

Most employers will not be collecting applications or resumes on the day. However, many of them have very tight recruitment deadlines following the fair, so it is a good idea to have your resume up-to-date and to take a few copies with you just in case. Take a notepad and pen with you to write down the answers to your questions.

What should I ask the employers?

Ask employers job specific, industry specific and organisation specific questions. To do this you might like to make a list of information you would like to find out about. You do not need to ask each organisation the same questions. The following is a list of possible issues you may wish to explore:

  • Training/orientation/mentoring programs for new staff;
  • Local and national recruitment targets;
  • Recruitment procedures;
  • Graduate programs;
  • Internship opportunities;
  • Possibilities for exchanges with interstate/international offices;
  • Growth areas of the organisation;
  • Profiles of successful graduates;
  • Possible areas to specialise in;
  • Industry directions.

Remember to check their websites first. This may provide you with the answers beforehand and it will show employer representatives that you've done your research.

How long should I spend with each employer?

Up to 2,000 students and professionals are expected to attend the fair so the employer representatives will be very busy. Five to ten minutes should be long enough to ask three or four key questions.