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Mideast Politics (9564.1)

Level: Level 3 - Undergraduate Advanced Unit
Credit Points: 3
HECS Bands: 1
Faculty: Faculty of Business, Government & Law
Discipline: Canberra School of Politics, Economics and Society



    This unit has two primary purposes (1) to build a critical understanding of the key issues and conflicts in the politics of the modern Middle East and (2) to apply the following concepts to these issues and conflicts: scholarly methodology, colonialism, independence and state-building, the political mobilisation of new social classes, the spread of capitalist economic relations, Arab nationalism, relations between the Arab states, the Middle East as an arena of the Cold War, Islamic revivalism, globalisation and economic restructuring, democratisation, and the significance of non-state actors.

    Learning Outcomes

    On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

    1. Summarise and deconstruct the most common stereotypes applied to Muslims and Arabs;

    2. Identify the main tenets of Islam and discuss the variety of interpretations and practices common to Islam;

    3. Identify and summarise the strategies of governance employed by imperial powers and local rulers in the modern Middle East and summarise the role that oil has played; and

    4. Summarise the origins and purpose of Zionism and the basis of the Palestinian resistance to it; the Arab-Israeli peace process; the role that women's rights have played in the politics of the modern Middle East; and the foreign policy of the United States and other great powers in the Middle East after the attacks of September 2001.

    Contact Hours

    150 learning hours in online self-paced mode.


    675 Politics and Democracy OR 9548 Introduction to Politics OR 8296 Introduction to Politics and Government OR 9549 Introduction to Western Political Thought OR 9551 Comparative Politics



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