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Marketing and Promotion (9532.1)

Level: Level 3 - Undergraduate Advanced Unit
Credit Points: 3
HECS Bands:

Band 3 2013-2020 (Expires 31 Dec 2020) Band 4 2021 (Commenced After 1 Jan 2021) Band 5 2021 (Commenced Before 1 Jan 2021)

Faculty: Faculty of Business, Government & Law
Discipline: School of Management




    This unit will lead students in an exploration of promotion principles and the roles advertising and marketing play in the promotional mix. Students will develop knowledge and skill they can then apply in the promotion of a product.

    Learning Outcomes

    On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to:

    1. Identify different forms of messages that businesses use to reach their target markets;

    2. Describe the consumer decision-making process;

    3. Identify the crucial elements of market analysis and the methods for collecting data;

    4. Choose an appropriate method for collecting data for market research;

    5. Identify sources for primary and secondary data;

    6. Measure the approximate size of a target market;

    7. Discuss the process of using STP marketing to accurately and effectively focus paid promotion efforts;

    8. Explain the concept of target marketing;

    9. Identify the characteristics of a market segment; and

    10. Use an appropriate segmentation strategy to define a target market segment.

    Contact Hours

    150 learning hours in online self-paced mode.


    6357 Introduction to Marketing OR 9521 Foundations of Marketing



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