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Global Tourism Issues (8729.2)

Level: Level 2 - Undergraduate Intermediate Unit
Credit Points: 3
HECS Bands:

Faculty: Faculty of Business, Government & Law
Discipline: School of Management




    This unit is no longer offered. Information may be available for Units in the following years:


    This unit provides an introduction to global issues in tourism. Divided into a series of integrated modules, the unit provides a critical overview of the past, present and future impacts of tourism and highlights the tourism management issues of the 21st century.

    Learning Outcomes

    1. demonstrate a conceptual understanding of the nature, extent and importance of tourism, and the tourism industry on a global scale;
    2. demonstrate an awareness and understanding of the different impacts of tourism;
    3. understand the concepts of sustainability and globalisation;
    4. identify future developments and prospects for tourism;
    5. identify the major issues facing contemporary tourism globally;
    6. appreciate the growing importance of special interest tourism around the world; and
    7. demonstrate an awareness of the management issues in tourism for the 21st century.

    Contact Hours

    Three hours per week.


    Restrictions: This unit is not open to students who have passed 5689 Current Issues in Tourism, 6590 Global Issues in Tourism.

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