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Spanish 3A (8689.2)

Level: Level 3 - Undergraduate Advanced Unit
Credit Points: 3
HECS Bands:

Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Design
Discipline: Discipline of Applied Linguistics & Languages




    This unit is no longer offered. Information may be available for Units in the following years:


    This unit will provide the student with an advanced-intermediate level of interaction with the language and culture of Spanish speaking nations and their related communities. The interpretation of cultural texts (readings, audio, video) will introduce students to new crucial contemporary topics and a give them the possibility of enhancing their communicative skills and cultural awareness, in a higher stage compared to the beginners and the lower intermediate levels. The units will be conducted in the target language. They will prepare the students for the next step, the advanced level of Spanish.

    Learning Outcomes

    1. On completion of this unit the students' communicative competence will enable them to function effectively in a Spanish-speaking environment.
    2. Interact spontaneously in a Spanish-speaking environment.
    3. Understand, talk and write on a wide variety of more advanced topics.
    4. Demonstrate an awareness of multiple details of Spanish-related culture.

    Contact Hours

    3 hours per week


    Spanish 1a:Language and Culture ANDSpanish 1b:Language and Culture ANDSpanish 2A AND Spanish 2BRestrictions: This unit is not open to students who have passedAdvanced Spanish A (part A) Advanced Spanish A (part B)

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