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Exercise Prescription PG (8535.1)

Level: Postgraduate Level
Credit Points: 3
HECS Bands: 2
Faculty: Faculty of Health
Discipline: Discipline of Sport and Exercise Science



    This unit is designed to explore the principles of exercise selection and prescription for the generic population. Exercise modalities to promote health throughout the life cycle and to accommodate wellness will be addressed. The use of exercise as a treatment intervention in apparently healthy clients will be introduced. Knowledge of training principles and acute training variables will be used to develop exercise regimes for different case pathologies.This subject applies knowledge from the foundation areas of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and psychology and exercise science practice. It requires students to design and implement safe and beneficial exercise programs in the areas of aerobic endurance and resistance training.

    Learning Outcomes


    1. Apply basic knowledge and skills in the effective selection and safe implementation of a range of exercise interventions.

    2. Analyse and assess the suitability of appropriate exercise intervention methods to different populations.

    3. Create suitable exercise interventions for different cases.

    Contact Hours

    Four hours per week.




    Enrolment in Master of Exercise Science.

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