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Advanced Broadcast Journalism 2 (8464.2)

Level: Level 3 - Undergraduate Advanced Unit
Credit Points: 3
HECS Bands:

Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Design
Discipline: Discipline of Journalism & Communication Studies




    This unit is no longer offered. Information may be available for Units in the following years:


    This unit further develops advanced video/audio journalism skills learned in Advanced Broadcast Journalism 1, concentrating on researching, scripting, editing and presentation of content, with an emphasis on longer form current affairs stories. It also examines and implements contemporary broadcast newsroom practises and programming techniques, including the roles of audience engagement, 'public journalism' projects and social media tools. Ethical, commercial and institutional constraints are considered along with the importance of context, explanation and self-representation in the coverage of sensitive and complex issues.
    Tutorials will continue developing newsgathering, presentation and production skills to broadcast/webcast standard and include live and 'as live' program production/broadcast/webcast exercises to optimise practical experience.

    Learning Outcomes

    On completion of this unit, students will be able to:

    1. identify and develop more sophisticated story leads for audio/video;

    2. research, write and produce broadcast/online quality video/audio news and current affairs stories which incorporate the skills of critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis;

    3. operate as bi-media and/or multiple-media journalists in a converged media environment;

    4. continue developing 'new'/social media skills relevant to broadcast/audio/video journalism such as crowdsourcing research, audience engagement, information curation and content distribution; and

    5. identify, evaluate and respond appropriately to the ethical, legal and professional issues associated with the broadcast media industry in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

    Contact Hours

    Three hours per week.


    Advanced Broadcast Journalism 1 Restrictions: This unit is not open to students who have passed Advanced Broadcast Journalism 2 (6cp).

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