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Food, Health and the Environment PG (8381.1)

Level: Postgraduate Level
Credit Points: 3
HECS Bands: 2
Faculty: Faculty of Health
Discipline: Discipline of Nutrition and Dietetics


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    • Semester 2, 2019, ON-CAMPUS, BRUCE (188374) - View
    • Semester 2, 2018, ONLINE, BRUCE (180156) - View
    • Semester 2, 2018, ON-CAMPUS, BRUCE (180155) - View
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    • Semester 2, 2016, ONLINE, BRUCE (151978) - View
    • Semester 2, 2015, ONLINE, BRUCE (140788) - View

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    This unit examines food systems and their interaction with the physical environment. It will focus on the sustainability of food systems by examining what we consume and how it affects the environment. The focus will include driving and limiting factors of a food system, how food systems have changed, the influences and consequences of this change. Public health nutrition issues relating to the changing food supply will be explored.

    This unit is co-taught with unit 9631 Food, Health and Environment.

    Learning Outcomes

    On completion of this unit, students will be able to:

    1. Evaluate the different food systems used in the past and present, including factors that drive and limit them;

    2. Discuss sustainability of the environment, comparing and contrasting the strengths and limitations of different food systems;

    3. Critically analyse the role of consumers and retailing on food systems and food choice;

    4. Discuss the public health nutrition issues related to the changing food supply;

    5. Evaluate alternative or complementary approaches to current food systems to increase sustainability; and

    6. Identify the knowledge and skills required to reduce the effect of the food system on the environment.

    Assessment Items

    Contact Hours

    4 hours per week.


    Graduate entry and permission of unit convener.

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