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Comparative Physiology 1 (8309.2)

Level: Level 1 - Undergraduate Introductory Unit
Credit Points: 3
HECS Bands:
Faculty: Faculty of Education, Science, Technology & Maths
Discipline: Academic Program Area - Science



    This unit is no longer offered. Information may be available for Units in the following years:


    This unit will take a comparative approach to the study of Physiology. By comparing the physiological challenges that species and groups of species have faced and the adaptations that have solved them, students will acquire the foundations of Physiology from cells to organ systems. The particular topics covered will include: Fundamentals of Physiology, Respiration, Circulation, Muscle and Neuro-muscular junctions, Integrating System Neurons, Sensory processes and the Endocrine system. In addition, two special physiology topics will be covered: Animal Navigation and Diving in Marine Mammals.

    Learning Outcomes

    DESCRIPTION:, conduct and interpret basic physiological experiments under supervision and contrast physiological systems across species, including humans

    3.understand physiological specificity (at the species level) to adaptive function

    Contact Hours

    36 hours per semester.



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