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Acquisition of Skills 3 (8021.3)

Level: Level 2 - Undergraduate Intermediate Unit
Credit Points: 3
HECS Bands:

Faculty: Faculty of Education, Science, Technology & Maths
Discipline: Academic Program Area - Education




    This unit is no longer offered. Information may be available for Units in the following years:


    This unit enables students to investigate a wide range of sports, the logical extension of the school Physical Education program. The students are required to look critically at sport and its existence in society, the role sport plays in schools and in particular through competitions.

    Learning Outcomes


    1. a broad and critical knowledge and understanding of sport in society and how this impacts schools

    2. a comprehensive understanding of various sports/modified sports and ability to analyse the skills and concepts, and present in a simplified way

    3. a balanced, well rounded view about arguments surrounding values and benefits of sport and competition

    4. knowledge of various sporting organisations and the support they offer

    5. an understanding of safe, inclusive and effective teaching of sports

    6. responsibility to actively develop their own understanding of the wide range of sporting and movement skills making up the PDHPE curriculum

    7. their verbal and written communication skills

    7. their verbal and written communication skills

    Contact Hours

    Three hours per week (min).


    Acquisition of Skills 1 and 2.

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