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Managers & the Law G (6259.4)

Level: Graduate Level
Credit Points: 3
HECS Bands:

Band 3 2013-2020 (Expires 31 Dec 2020) Band 4 2021 (Commenced After 1 Jan 2021) Band 5 2021 (Commenced Before 1 Jan 2021)

Faculty: Faculty of Business, Government & Law
Discipline: Canberra Law School




    This subject provides an introduction to the Australian legal systems. Its particular focus is the way in which law influences business decision-making. The areas which are dealt with in the subject are the nature of law and the legislative and judicial process; the common law principles of contract law and the effect of statutory intervention on those principles; the concept of liability; and the law's approach to the organisation of business. The course will also deal with selected topics drawn from the areas of financial institutions, taxation, insurance, consumer protection and competition.

    Learning Outcomes

    1. In being sensitised to the legal dimension of decision-making students will be introduced to the legal process and will learn the legal research skills appropriate for a non-lawyer. They will also learn about specific areas of the law relevant to conducting business. Of particular importance is that they will be better able to recognise the legal significance of matters and events.

    Contact Hours

    At least 39 hours per semester.



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