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Specialist Major in Robotics and AI (Engineering) (SM0062.1)


Faculty of Science and Technology


Academic Program Area - Technology

Credit Points:


Information for Current Students

  • Version 1 - Start Date: 01/07/2019 End Date: Current Version


Integrating software engineering, robotics engineering and artificial intelligence (AI), this rigorous, four-year honours degree will be submitted for accreditation to both Engineers Australia and the Australian Computer Society (ACS). This major brings together the areas of robotics and AI, and offers conceptual grounding in intelligent systems with the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. With access to humanoid robots, robotic arms, wheeled platforms and other hi-tech robotic equipment, the students in this specialist major will have the opportunity to develop the skills required by employers in this fast-growing area. By choosing this major, students can learn how artificial intelligence and robotics are playing vital roles in the world's most advanced technological industries - from medicine to entertainment - and will have foundations to work on today's most innovative scientific areas. UC's BEng (Honours) (Robotics and AI) major is one of the unique specialisation offered in Australia in both the related areas of robotics and AI together. Students can acquire the expertise needed to target several industries, including engineering and computer science. They can explore the use of humanoid robots, robotic arms, wheeled platforms and other hi-tech robotic equipment, which can challenge their technical abilities by using the latest software to control robotic machines. They can benefit from the experience and knowledge of a highly committed team of teaching experts in this field in University of Canberra.

Assumed Knowledge:

1. Basic knowledge and skills in ICT (Information and Communication Technology), basic numeracy and literacy skills for Beginning (1) level units in this unit set, and 2. Completion of some of the Beginning (1) level units in the BEng UG Program Core Major before enrolling in Intermediate (2) and Advanced (3) units in this unit set.

Additional Information:

Specialist majors are only available to students in the course for which the major is required.


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