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Specialist Major in Data Science (SM0057.1)


Faculty of Science and Technology


Academic Program Area - Technology

Credit Points:


Information for Current Students

  • Version 1 - Start Date: 01/07/2019 End Date: Current Version


The major in Data science provides an opportunity for the students to gain deep knowledge and specialist technical knowledge and practical skills in making sense out of the massive volumes of data generated in the digital economy. Data is nowadays a vital asset, valued by virtually every organisation in the world. The expert skills acquired in the Data Science major will provide the basis for sensible, evidence-based decision-making. The graduates will be able to know how to apply fundamental scientific principles to the analysis of large, complex data sets, with deep insight into the big data to solve complex and challenging problems. The major also provides opportunities for an intensive, extended work-integrated learning experience and the capstone project allows graduates to practice their data science skills. This major allows graduates to seek roles as data scientists or big data engineers, architects, analysts, administrators and consultants.

Assumed Knowledge:

1. Basic knowledge and skills in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) basic numeracy and literacy skills for Beginning (1) level units in this unit set, and 2. Completion of some of the Beginning (1) level ITS Core Major units for Intermediate (2) and Advanced (3) level units in this unit set.

Additional Information:

Specialist majors are only available to students in the course for which the major is required.


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