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Minor in Arts Foundation (MN0107.1)


Faculty of Arts and Design


School of Arts and Communications

Credit Points:


Information for Current Students

  • Version 1 - Start Date: 01/01/2009 End Date: Current Version


The Arts Foundation Minor is divided into four study area groups, chosen to represent key areas essential to a Liberal Arts education. The Arts Foundation Minor ensures that every BA graduate will have undertaken at least one unit from each of these four key study areas. They are: Communication, Social Sciences, Cultural Traditions and Politics/ History. Students must choose one unit from each study area group, and units in each group have been chosen for their semester availability and/or lack of prerequisites, as well as for their discipline content. Units in each group are listed below.One unit must be taken from each of the four groups. Students who complete a Faculty of Arts and Design foundation year, including Bachelor of Arts students, must take at least two of the these four units from the Arts and Design Foundation units. Students should refer Arts and Design home page for details of current Foundations units.


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Please Note: Units marked with an * are no longer active, however students who have completed these units may still count them towards completion of this major or minor.

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