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Major in Applied Social Entrepreneurship (Restricted) (MJ0269.1)


Faculty of Business, Government & Law


Canberra Business School

Credit Points:


Information for Current Students

  • Version 1 - Start Date: 01/07/2015 End Date: Current Version


The Major in Applied Social Entrepreneurship provides students with the specific skills, guidance and opportunity they require to develop and launch or lead and grow existing, social ventures. Students completing this course will develop their own social venture ? utilising the skills and understanding they?ve developed through completed units of study - as well as develop the unique skills required for the successful management and development of established social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations. Through this course, students will cement their understanding of the practical importance of each discipline they have explored as part of their studies. Through this major, students will progressively develop their ventures, creatively responding and improving to the real outcomes and results they witness, working towards the ultimate goal of a sustainable venture that can be launched post-graduation.

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