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Major in Indigenous Studies (MJ0180.5)


Faculty of Arts and Design


School of Arts and Communications

Credit Points:

18, 21 or 24

Information for Current Students


This Indigenous major explores contemporary issues affecting relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in alignment with the University of Canberras commitment to reconciliation. It is of value to all Australians not only as a study of intrinsic worth, but also as a means of facilitating positive inter-group relations. This major enables all students to understand Indigenous culture and thereby their own culture. This major can be completed as an 18, 21 or 24 credit points option. Students wishing to complete the 21 or 24 credit point option will take additional unit(s) from the list of restricted unit choices to make up the balance of the required credit points.


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Please Note: Units marked with an * are no longer active, however students who have completed these units may still count them towards completion of this major or minor.

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