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Major in Sustainability (MJ0155.2)


Faculty of Science and Technology


Academic Program Area - Science

Credit Points:


Information for Current Students

  • Version 2 - Start Date: 01/07/2009 End Date: Current Version


This major investigates scientific, community and governance issues that influence and are influenced by environmental sustainability. It provides students with an opportunity to develop trans-disciplinary thinking skills within a problem solving context so that they obtain an appreciation of how environmental sustainability can be better governed by human societies within Australia and around the world. The major may be taken by students enrolled in any degree program in the University.

Additional Information:

** Students should note that there should be no more than two level 1 units in this major and that the total number of level 1 units in their degree should not exceed 30 credit points.


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Please Note: Units marked with an * are no longer active, however students who have completed these units may still count them towards completion of this major or minor.

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