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Major in International Studies (MJ0128.2)


Faculty of Arts and Design


School of Arts and Communications

Credit Points:

18, 21 or 24 options

Information for Current Students

  • Version 2 - Start Date: 01/01/2011 End Date: Current Version


The International Studies Major enables students to gain an understanding of cultural diversity in the contemporary world; the socio-cultural and political forces that influence communication, cooperation and/or conflict between cultures and nations; theories relating to the study of culture, social movements, international relations and communication in the context of globalisation; and intercultural communication competency.Students enrolling in the major from 2011 onwards must pass at least two units from level 1, two units from level 2, and two units from level 3. Students enrolled in previous course structures, and completing the 21 or 24 credit point option will take additional unit(s) from the list below to make up the balance of the required credit points.Students in the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies course complete the units Global Peace and Conflict Studies, Global Social Movements, International Human Rights and Global Ethical Challenges as part of their course and cannot include them as part of this Major.

Prerequisite and/or Corequisite:

Students should check the pre-requisites or corequisites of each unit before enrolling.


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Please Note: Units marked with an * are no longer active, however students who have completed these units may still count them towards completion of this major or minor.

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