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Major in Language Studies (MJ0079.1)


Faculty of Arts and Design


School of Arts and Communications

Credit Points:

18, 21 or 24 options

Information for Current Students

  • Version 1 - Start Date: 01/01/2005 End Date: Current Version


In this major, students will explore the rich and complex nature of language and its function in communication across cultures. The study of a particular foreign language will be complemented by studies in the discipline of Linguistics. Students will gain a deep appreciation for language: what are its characteristics, how it works, how it interacts with and underpins society, how it shapes and is shaped by the way human beings think and behave. They will be introduced to paradigms of linguistic analysis which will deepen their understanding of their own first language, as well as enabling them to compare languages from across the world. In addition to the required units specified as a part of the major students must also take 2 units (6 credit points) in a sequence from a language (18cp major). A further 1 or 2 units in the language selected may be included in the choices listed to make up the 21cp and 24cp major. The choice of language may be Chinese, Japanese or Spanish at UC or any language offered at ANU through cross institutional study.


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Please Note: Units marked with an * are no longer active, however students who have completed these units may still count them towards completion of this major or minor.

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