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Bachelor of Midwifery - 953AA

Course Code: 953AA
Course Version: 1
Location: UC - Canberra, Bruce
Faculty: Faculty of Health
Discipline(s): Discipline of Midwifery
UAC Code: 365083
CRICOS Code: 062891B
Selection Rank: N/A
English Language Requirements:

There are non-standard English language requirements for this course. To be eligible you must have an academic IELTS of 7.0 overall. For alternate/equivalent ways of meeting the English requirements for this course please view the English Proficiency Requirements document on the university website.

Make a positive difference to the health of women and their children

Are you interested in women’s health and the needs of their families? Play a vital role in building strong communities by becoming a creative, socially valuable and internationally recognised midwife. Our universally recognised degree will both inspire and equip you to secure your future as a midwife, caring for child-bearing women, their babies and families.

Study a Bachelor of Midwifery at UC and you will:

  • work with women in pregnancy and early parenting
  • participate in placements and be on call for women in labour and birth
  • learn to contribute to the development of services, policies and research into maternity care
  • work at individual, family and community levels to facilitate all women’s rights to, and responsibilities in, active participation in their maternity care
  • contribute to new understandings of midwifery and other work by participating in research activities
  • work at individual, family and community levels to facilitate women’s rights to actively participate in their maternity care
  • experience a variety of workplace settings including birth centres, regional and rural maternity units as well as tertiary hospitals.

Work-integrated learning

Work-integrated learning (WIL) is learning first-hand through real work or work-like experiences. WIL is a key element to enhancing employability in the workplace and is integral to many of our courses. This reinforces our commitment to preparing professional and highly employable graduates with the right mix of skills and knowledge.

Career opportunities

On graduation from this degree you can register as a midwife in Australia with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. You can also practice midwifery overseas as your degree is recognised internationally.

Course specific information

To apply for this degree you will be required to:

  • have completed Year 12 or a similar level of study
  • submit your CV along with a pro forma written statement. You can download the written statement from the Faculty of Health website:
  • apply for a national police check prior to undertaking any clinical experience
  • provide your immunisation history.


Prospective Domestic Students
Email or Phone 1800 UNI CAN (1800 864 226)
Prospective International Students
Email or Phone +61 2 6201 5342
Current and Commencing Students
Please contact the Faculty of Health faculty office, email

Admission Requirements

This course has an early closing date to submit applications by the 31st October of every year.

Applicants must have completed Year 12 or similar level of study and meet normal University requirements for admission to an undergraduate course.

Additionally, applicants are required to submit a Curriculum Vitae and a written statement outlining their understanding of topical issues relevant to childbearing women and midwifery. Applications will be judged on how well applicants consider both the complex nature of midwifery and their possible suitability for such a profession. The pro form is available at

Additional Admission Requirements

All students enrolled in the Bachelor of Midwifery course are required to undergo a Police Record Check prior to undertaking clinical experience. All students are also required to present an immunisation history.

Assumed Knowledge

ACT: English (T) major; Studies in Science (Chemistry and Biology) and Mathematics are highly recommended.
NSW: English Advanced; Studies in Science (Chemistry and Biology) and Mathematics are highly recommended.

Information on admission closing dates can be found here.

Course Requirements

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In addition to course requirements, in order to successfully complete your course you may need to meet the inherent requirements. Please refer to the inherent requirements statement applicable to your course

Placement Requirements

This course requires students to meet compulsory placement requirements prior to undertaking professional placement (Work-Integrated Learning) in a clinical or professional setting. For information on what these requirements are and how to meet these requirements, please visit


Award(s) Official Abbreviation
Bachelor of Midwifery B Midwifery

Alternate Exit Awards

Diploma of Health Studies Associate Degree of Health Studies

Typical Study Pattern

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Please refer to the tab to view Course Requirements, check unit details and select Restricted Choice Units for the course. Please note not all units are offered in each teaching period.

Unit Delivery Modes

Delivery modes for units in this degree are yet to be confirmed. Please contact us for more details.

Course Learning Outcomes

Course Objectives Graduate Qualities
Be capable of midwifery work across the spectrum from rural and remote to metropolitan and from community to hospital; Communication;
Analysis and inquiry;
Working independently and with others;
Problem solving;
Critical thinking
Reflective practice
Act within the legal and professional practice frameworks of the midwife;
demonstrate sound judgements based on the best available evidence, theories, reasoning and reflection;
Professionalism and social responsibility;
Analysis and inquiry;
Problem solving;
Critical thinking
Reflective practice
Consider people, knowledge and actions from multiple viewpoints and thus respect, celebrate and foster difference; Communication;
Professionalism and social responsibility;
Analysis and inquiry;
Problem solving;
Working independently and with others;
Being open to alternative perspectives
Demonstrate the generic attributes for graduates of a UC undergraduate course including oral and written communication skills, information literacy and numeracy critical thinking, problem solving, working effectively with others, and professional ethics. Communication;
Professionalism and social responsibility;
Analysis and inquiry;
Problem solving;
Working independently and with others.

Course Duration

Standard six semesters full-time or equivalent. Maximum twenty semesters.




  • Past Offerings
    • 2012->UC - Canberra, Bruce-Internal
    • 2013->UC - Canberra, Bruce-Internal
    • 2014->UC - Canberra, Bruce-Internal
    • 2015->UC - Canberra, Bruce-Internal
    • 2016->UC - Canberra, Bruce-Internal
    • 2017->UC - Canberra, Bruce-Internal
    • 2018->UC - Canberra, Bruce-Internal
    • 2019->UC - Canberra, Bruce-Internal
    • 2020->UC - Canberra, Bruce-Internal

Enrolment Numbers

View the number of student enrolments for the previous full year. Please note that course numbers are indicative only and in no way reflect individual class sizes.

Faculty of Health
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