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Bachelor of Arts - 429AB

Course Code: 429AB
Course Version: 2
Location: UCI - Lingnan Institute for Further Education, Hong Kong
Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Design
Discipline(s): Discipline of Communication and Media
Selection Rank: ATAR TBC
English Language Requirements: Academic IELTS of 6.0 or equivalent, with no band score below 6.0

Arts at UC gives you career flexibility for a changing world

This Bachelor of Arts Degree is offered in partnership with Lignan Institute of Further Education (LIFE) based wholly in Hong Kong.

Study a Bachelor of Arts at UC and you will:

  • cover a range of study options in your Arts Degree at LIFE
  • understand many points of view
  • gain useful skills for success in the modern world
  • learn to be an innovative and independent thinker
  • master complex thinking and points of view
  • state your opinions effectively and with certainty.

Career Opportunities

Offered at LIFE Hong Kong, this degree will prepare you for a wide range of careers in both the public and private sector.

Employers value the high quality our Bachelor of Arts graduates bring to their jobs through: 

  • communication skills
  • research skills
  • effective teamwork
  • creative problem solving.


Prospective International Students
Telephone (852) 2616 8210 / (852) 2616 7237 Email Website

Admission Requirements

Normal UC requirements for admission to an undergraduate course, including at least two years study in English. This course is currently accepting admissions from students who have completed a two-year (HK) Associate Degree or (HK) Higher Diploma.

Assumed Knowledge


Information on admission closing dates can be found here.

Notes for International Applicants

Course closed to new admissions from the end of 2016.

Course Requirements

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In addition to course requirements, in order to successfully complete your course you may need to meet the inherent requirements. Please refer to the inherent requirements statement applicable to your course


Award(s) Official Abbreviation
Bachelor of Arts BA

Unit Delivery Modes

Delivery modes for units in this degree are yet to be confirmed. Please contact us for more details.

This course is closed to new admissions from the end of 2016.

Professional Accreditation


Course Learning Outcomes

Course Objectives Graduate Qualities
To provide students with a flexible preparation for many areas of vocational and professional employment, as well as the broad perspective required for informed citizenship through an in-depth understanding of three discipline areas. 1. Communication
The ability to present knowledge, ideas and opinions effectively and communicate within and across professional and cultural boundaries

2. Analysis and inquiry
The ability to gather information, and to analyse and evaluate information and situations in a systematic, creative and insightful way

3. Problem solving
The ability to apply problem-solving processes in novel situations; to identify and analyse problems then formulate and implement solutions

4. Working independently and with others
The ability to plan their own work, be self-directed, and use interpersonal skills and attitudes to work collaboratively

5. Professionalism and social responsibility
The capacity and intention to use professional knowledge and skills ethically and responsibly, for the benefit of others and the environment
The course aims to equip students with a range of skills necessary for being an independent thinker, and to improve your ability to deal confidently and effectively with complex reasoning, argumentation and divergent thinking. As above.
Further, the course aims to develop students? capacities to analyse and evaluate complex arguments, to construct strong and convincing arguments and to communicate those arguments effectively. It also aims to develop skills needed for idea generation and creative problem solving. As above.
The course provides choice and flexibility in the first year to develop all the essential generic skills as listed in the UC Generic Skills Policy. As above.
The UC Generic Skills are also developed across the three Majors. While some units in some Majors focus on a few of the Generic Skills, by the completion of a Major, all the skills have been developed. These skills are developed in a general (Faculty of Arts and Design Restricted Choice Units) and discipline specific way (Majors and Open Electives). As above.

Course Duration

Standard six semesters full-time or equivalent. Maximum twenty semesters. Note: Initially students entering the program will have successfully completed a relevant two-year (HK) Associate Degree or (HK) Higher Diploma . These students will receive credit for one and a half years in this course (36cp).


High performing students may be eligible to enrol in the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) course available at the UC Canberra campus.


  • Past Offerings
    • 2016->UCI - Lingnan Institute for Further Education, Hong Kong-Internal
    • 2017->UCI - Lingnan Institute for Further Education, Hong Kong-Internal
    • 2018->UCI - Lingnan Institute for Further Education, Hong Kong-Internal

Enrolment Numbers

View the number of student enrolments for the previous full year. Please note that course numbers are indicative only and in no way reflect individual class sizes.

Faculty of Arts and Design
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