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Bachelor of Business Studies (Event and Tourism Management)(Online) - 314JA

Course Code: 314JA
Course Version: 2
Location: UC - Canberra, Online
UC - Cooma Universities Centre, Cooma
Faculty: Faculty of Business, Government & Law
Discipline(s): Canberra Business School
English Language Requirements: Academic IELTS of 6.0 or equivalent, with no band score below 6.0


As part of the Bachelor of Business Studies suite, the Bachelor of Business Studies (Event and Tourism Management) is delivered online and designed to prepare students for a leadership role in today's highly competitive, global business environment. Students complete a core program consisting of a selection of units that focus on cross-functional business competencies.
The core units will provide students with a range of general business knowledge common to all business career paths. In parallel to the core business units, students will study a major in Events and Tourism Management, designed to develop knowledge and skills relevant for those students seeking a career in the event and tourism industries. Events considered, both in tourism and non-tourism contexts, may include sports, festivals, conventions, meetings, and community activities. Key elements of the course are the development of teamwork skills and the pursuit of workplace experiences to enhance the employability of students, upon their graduation, who are seeking careers in the diverse and evolving event and tourism industries.


Prospective Students
E P 1800 UNI CAN (1800 864 226) W
Current and Commencing Students
In person, Student Centre Building 1 (take a BGL Faculty course advice ticket) or Email

Admission Requirements

Normal UC requirements for admission to an undergraduate course.

Assumed Knowledge


Information on admission closing dates can be found here.

Course Requirements

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Award(s) Official Abbreviation
Bachelor of Business Studies (Event and Tourism Management) B BusStud(Event and TrsmMgt)

Typical Study Pattern

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Please refer to the tab to view Course Requirements, check unit details and select Restricted Choice Units for the course. Please note not all units are offered in each teaching period.

Unit Delivery Modes

Delivery modes for units in this degree are yet to be confirmed. Please contact us for more details.

Course Learning Outcomes

Course Objectives Graduate Qualities
1. Graduates will have broad and coherent knowledge and skills for operating and supporting small- and medium-sized enterprises as well as the foundations to further their education in the business field. 2. Analysis and inquiry;
3. Problem solving
2. Graduates will have broad and coherent theoretical and technical business operational knowledge with more in-depth knowledge in small business operations, marketing and project management. 2. Analysis and inquiry;
3. Problem solving
3. This course will develop cognitive, technical and communication skills so graduates will be able to analyse and evaluate business information to complete activities to support the wellbeing of an enterprise. They will be able to generate and communicate solutions to unpredictable and complex problems related to internal and external business factors. Students will be able to to critically analyse event and tourism management principles and concepts in order to develop solutions to problems in contemporary professional practice. 1. Communication;
2. Analysis and inquiry;
3. Problem solving
4. Graduates will apply knowledge and skills to demonstrate autonomy, well-developed judgement and responsibility. Students will gain strong self-directed learning abilities through the online delivery, within the parameters of business theories and practices, positioning them for lifelong learning. They will develop and adapt solutions to a diverse range of issues and contexts by taking responsibility for their own learning, both independently and within a team environment. 4. Working independently and with others;
5. Professionalism and social responsibility
5. An ability to analyse, evaluate, implement and communicate in a clear, effective and professional manner, including technical skills to facilitate research and analysis of business and tourism data 1. Communication;
2. Analysis and inquiry;
3. Problem solving
6. A demonstrated understanding of the events and tourism industry including its structure, standards, codes of practice and corporate governance. 2. Analysis and inquiry;
3. Problem solving;
5. Professionalism and social responsibility

Course Duration

This course is equivalent to three years full-time study. Maximum duration is equivalent to ten years full-time study.


High performing students may be eligible for entry into the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) course delivered on-campus in Canberra.


  • Past Offerings
    • 2016->UC - Canberra, Online-Online
    • 2016->UC - Cooma Universities Centre, Cooma-Online
    • 2017->UC - Cooma Universities Centre, Cooma-Online
    • 2018->UC - Cooma Universities Centre, Cooma-Online
    • 2019->UC - Cooma Universities Centre, Cooma-Online
    • 2020->UC - Cooma Universities Centre, Cooma-Online

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Faculty of Business, Government and Law
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