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Bachelor of Physiotherapy - 202JA

Course Code: 202JA
Course Version: 1
Location: UC - Canberra, Bruce
Faculty: Faculty of Health
Discipline(s): Discipline of Physiotherapy
CRICOS Code: 076966F
Selection Rank: 93.15
English Language Requirements:

There are non-standard English language requirements for this course. To be eligible you must have an academic IELTS or equivalent of 7.0 with no band score below 7.0. Students who have undertaken all of their education in an English speaking country (as defined on UC website) are deemed to have met our English language proficiency requirements.

Improve wellbeing as a physiotherapist

Physiotherapy is the practice of improving lives by preventing, diagnosing and managing the pain and disorders of human movement. 

If you want a rewarding career as a successful physiotherapist, our Bachelor of Physiotherapy will ensure you develop the essential real world strengths and abilities. 

The course curriculum was developed in consultation with the Australian Physiotherapy Council. It is inspired by research and grounded in evidence. 

It builds progressively over 4 years and incorporates real world clinical practice to consolidate all the theory and practical skills you have learnt. 

Study a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at UC and you will:

  • get a solid foundation in anatomy, human physiology and psychology
  • apply your knowledge to clinical reasoning and evaluation skills
  • develop clinical experience in the core areas of musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiorespiratory physiotherapy across all age groups
  • cover a range of other clinical specialities so you are equipped to meet the unique needs of your future clients
  • engage in the full range of learning methods: lectures, tutorials, practical sessions and a work experience component
  • gain professional experience in public hospitals, community centres and private practices in Canberra and throughout Australia, including our own on site student-led clinic. 

Study opportunities

  • We have our own Faculty of Health student led clinic that provides a reduced cost physiotherapy service to the community to increase your experience of real world practice in a supported learning environment.
  • If you are a high achieving student with an enquiring mind there is the option of an embedded honours research course within the degree.
  • You also have the option of further postgraduate study in specialty physiotherapy and research.  

Career opportunities

A physiotherapy career can be extremely varied and rewarding. Clinical practice can include paediatrics, aged care, rehabilitation, community physiotherapy and sports. You can work in hospitals, community health or private practices anywhere in Australia. 

Important to know

Accreditation of our program is pending. Once achieved you will be eligible for registration as a physiotherapist.

Admission Requirements

Normal UC admission requirements to an undergraduate course.

Additional Admission Requirements

All students in the Bachelor of Physiotherapy course are required to complete clinical practice placement in blocks of time, often outside teaching time. These clinical practice placements are essential to the program. Prior to commencing clinical practice, all students need to present a complete immunisation schedule, and First Aid Certificates including CPR, as a requirement of the ACT and NSW health departments.

All students are required to undergo an Australian Federal Police record check prior to undertaking clinical experience in the ACT, and a NSW Police check before undertaking practice in NSW.

Assumed Knowledge

ACT: Mathematical Methods major and either Biology or Human Movement major(s); and Chemistry or Physics major(s).
NSW: Mathematics and either Biology or Human Movement, and Physics or Chemistry.

Information on admission closing dates can be found here.

Course Requirements

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In addition to course requirements, in order to successfully complete your course you may need to meet the inherent requirements. Please refer to the inherent requirements statement applicable to your course

Placement Requirements

This course requires students to meet compulsory placement requirements prior to undertaking professional placement (Work-Integrated Learning) in a clinical or professional setting. For information on what these requirements are and how to meet these requirements, please visit


Award(s) Official Abbreviation
Bachelor of Physiotherapy B Physio
Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) B Physio (Hons)

Alternate Exit Awards

Diploma of Health Studies Associate Degree of Health Studies

Typical Study Pattern

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Please refer to the tab to view Course Requirements, check unit details and select Restricted Choice Units for the course. Please note not all units are offered in each teaching period.

Unit Delivery Modes

Delivery modes for units in this degree are yet to be confirmed. Please contact us for more details.

Professional Accreditation

The Faculty will apply for this course to be accredited by the Australian Physiotherapy Council. Following accreditation, graduates of the Bachelor of Physiotherapy will then be eligible for registration as a Physiotherapist by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

Graduate Employment

Graduates are prepared for physiotherapy practice in Australia. Students undertaking the honours option may also progress into Physiotherapy research or academic careers. This program prepares students for further study and specialisation in Physiotherapy.

Course Learning Outcomes

Course Objectives Graduate Qualities
Knowledge of the structure and function of the human body relevant to the practice of physiotherapy. Analysis and enquiry
Knowledge of the degenerative and disease processes affecting the human body relevant to the practice of physiotherapy. Analysis and enquiry
Knowledge, skill, understanding and application of the assessment, intervention, therapeutic and educational tools relevant to the practice of physiotherapy. Analysis and enquiry
Working independently and with others
Understanding and application of professional ethics, responsibilities, values and standards for practice of physiotherapy. Professionalism and social responsibility
Working independently and with others
Communication skills in listening, speaking, explaining, teaching, writing and reading relevant to medical and physiotherapeutic practice. Communication
Working independently and with others
Ability to read, critique, evaluate and apply evidence from research and science into the practices of health care and health services. Analysis and enquiry
Personal attributes: critical thinking, reflective practice, thriving in an environment of change

Course Duration

Standard eight semesters full-time. Maximum twenty semesters. This course is available for full-time enrolment only.


High performing students may be eligible to enter the Bachelor of Physiotherapy honours stream. Students may be invited to apply to complete the honours degree, or apply based on their academic performance of high credit average, or on approval of the course convenor, as detailed below. Prerequisites for honours study include completion of preparatory units in statistics or health data analysis. Honours study involves completion of unit 8987 Evidence Based Practice (Honours) and two honours units: Physiotherapy Honours Thesis 1 and 2. Requirements for degree with Honours: (i) Application for Bachelor of Physiotherapy with honours, should be made at the end of the third year. Eligible applications will be considered by the Bachelor of Physiotherapy course convenor and the Physiotherapy Honours Thesis Unit Convener. To be eligible to undertake studies at honours level, a student must achieve at least a credit average in all eligible units. Eligible units: Eligible units for calculation of the Entry GPA are all required units in the Bachelor of Physiotherapy program years 1,2 and 3 undertaken at the University of Canberra, and this includes units for which you receive credit, whether done at UC or elsewhere. Where you have done extra units which may count, e.g. more than the required amount of restricted elective units, your best results will be counted. Eligible units for calculation of the Honours GPA are any required and elective units for the Bachelor of Physiotherapy, including the units Physiotherapy Honours Thesis 1 and 2. (ii) The degree of Bachelor of Physiotherapy may be awarded with first or second class honours, following submission of an Honours thesis as part of the units Physiotherapy Honours Thesis 1 and 2. Calculating the final class of honours Bachelor of Physiotherapy degrees with Honours are awarded in the following classes depending on the Honours GPA obtained and the standard of the Honours Thesis. First Class: both an Honours GPA of at least 6 and an exceptional performance in the honours component of your assessment Second Class - Division I: both an Honours GPA of at least 5.5 and a very good performance in the honours component of your assessment Second Class-- Division II: both an Honours GPA of at least 5 and a good performance in the Honours component of your assessment. A student with an honours GPA of less than 5, and pass level performance in the Honours component of the assessment, may pass the Honours unit, but be awarded with Bachelor of Physiotherapy without honours. Calculating the Honours GPA Honours GPAs are calculated by using the University?s system. The units Physiotherapy Honours Thesis 1 and 2 will be weighted as 30% for the purposes of calculating the Honours GPA. Units used in the Honours GPA are as described in 'Eligible units' above for Honours GPA assessment. Note that marks are not automatically rounded up for purposes of Honours. Thus 4.99 does not become 5.00. Where your final mark is within two marks of the next level of honours, or of achieving honours at all (e.g. a 4.8 is rounded up to 5.0), you can apply in writing to have your honours result upgraded. This will be determined by Bachelor of Physiotherapy course convener and the Physiotherapy Honours Thesis Unit Convener, taking into account your academic record and any mitigating circumstances which may have affected your academic performance.


  • Past Offerings
    • 2013->UC - Canberra, Bruce-Internal
    • 2014->UC - Canberra, Bruce-Internal
    • 2015->UC - Canberra, Bruce-Internal
    • 2016->UC - Canberra, Bruce-Internal
    • 2017->UC - Canberra, Bruce-Internal
    • 2018->UC - Canberra, Bruce-Internal
    • 2019->UC - Canberra, Bruce-Internal
    • 2020->UC - Canberra, Bruce-Internal

Enrolment Numbers

View the number of student enrolments for the previous full year. Please note that course numbers are indicative only and in no way reflect individual class sizes.

Faculty of Health
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