Reactivation of campus: 10 November – 24 December 2021

We look forward to welcoming you back to our Bruce campus over the coming weeks.

Staff, students and contractors are welcome to return to campus for any work or study related activities.

The delivery of teaching will continue remotely for the remainder of 2021, with plans for a full UC community return in 2022. More details on this return will be provided by the end of November.

If you are planning to return to campus, you may be interested to know that many of our retail and hospitality tenants are open, so be sure to pay them a visit.

In line with ACT Health guidance, face masks are no longer required in indoor settings on campus. There will, however, be some high-risk settings that will require the use of face masks. These guidelines will be advised as soon as possible.

As a reminder, until 24 December 2021, any staff, students and contractors entering an indoor campus setting for work or study purposes will be required to be fully vaccinated.

According to the ACT Government, you are considered fully vaccinated if at least 14 days have passed since you have received the recommended schedule of doses required for a complete course of a TGA-approved or recognised COVID-19 vaccination.

Students attending any on-campus classes, laboratories, the UC Library or University-organised events will be required to show their digital vaccination certificate on entry.

As the University reviews some of the requirements for campus attendance, in line with the ACT Government’s most recent easing of restrictions effective 12 November, please continue to monitor this website for updates.

Access to campus

This phase in our return to campus has been informed by ACT Government guidelines, the high ACT vaccination rate (currently 95%), and the high vaccination rate of our UC community, as determined in our recent staff and student vaccination surveys.

Conditions of attendance on campus

  • Do not attend campus if you are unwell or if you have been identified as a close contact of a positive COVID-19 case.
  • The use of face masks on campus is no longer required in indoor or outdoor settings. Members of our community are welcome to continue wearing face masks if that is their preference.
  • Check in at every venue on campus where the Check In CBR QR code is displayed.
  • Maintain good hand hygiene.
  • Meetings can take place on campus in accordance with the ACT Health guidelines, operative at the time around room density ratio capacity limits.
  • Maintain 1.5m physical distance.
  • Contractors attending campus and performing any tasks indoors will need to be fully vaccinated. Campus Estate will require sight of the vaccination certificate.
  • Students attending any on-campus face-to-face laboratories, practical classes, the Library or any other University-related on-campus activities will need to be fully vaccinated. UC staff overseeing these activities on campus will be required to have sight of a student’s digital vaccination certificate.
  • HDR students can return within these same guidelines for accessing campus, and will be required to be vaccinated.
  • It is the expectation that all residents staying in our on-campus student residences will be fully vaccinated or partially vaccinated with the booked intention of becoming fully vaccinated
  • Students attending campus from interstate will need to be fully vaccinated to have travelled to the ACT.
  • Anyone coming on to campus for any retail, hospitality or leisure activities will not need to be fully vaccinated nor provide evidence of their vaccination status.

Building access

Most buildings will be open for student and staff access between the hours of 7.30am and 7pm.

Buildings will undergo regular cleaning and increased fresh air flow will be adjusted where possible.

The following buildings will remain closed on secure access: 2, 9, 14 and 25.


Paid parking will resume from 15 November 2021 for all staff, students and tenants returning to campus.

Fortnightly permits will need to be reinstated at least 24 hours before returning to campus or casual parking rates will apply.

Visit the Parking website to reinstate your parking.

Who to contact at UC for support or advice

Inform UC if you are a close contact, being tested, in isolation or quarantine

The University is following ACT Health advice and is in regular contact with the Directorate to ensure that we are responding appropriately.

As the situation is evolving, it may mean that we need to change our response or processes accordingly, but for the time being there are some key things to be mindful of.

Please continue to monitor the ACT Health website as the exposure sites are updated regularly, and follow the advice should you identify as a close or casual contact. This is everyone's individual responsibility.

Close and casual contacts

ACT Health has defined these contacts as follows:

  • close contact is defined as someone who has a high risk of infection. This could be because they spent a long time with, or were in a confined space with a confirmed case. Requirements for close contacts are available here.
  • casual contact is defined as someone who has a lower risk of exposure. They may have been outside or spent a short time in a large venue with the confirmed case. Requirements for casual contacts are available here.

What to do if you are a close or casual contact, or if you are presenting with COVID-19 symptoms

  • First and foremost, follow ACT Health advice. Complete the appropriate online declaration, get tested, isolate or quarantine as required. You can find all this advice and information here.
  • For staff, please notify your line manager or supervisor.
  • For students, please notify your course or unit convenor. This information will remain confidential, unless you choose to self-identify personally.
  • Complete a University Incident Report if you are:
    • a close contact;
    • being tested; and
    • in isolation or quarantine.
  • If you are a close contact linked to an exposure site, please indicate in your report if you came on to campus or attended a placement site after the exposure date and time.
  • Please remember to report back into the system once you receive your results.

If your test returns positive

  • You will be contacted by ACT Health.
  • For staff, please notify your line manager or People and Diversity for further advice and support.
  • For students, please notify the Wellbeing Team. This information will remain confidential.
  • ACT Health will work with the University if an on-campus location is considered an exposure site.

For students seeking support, please contact

For staff seeking support, please contact

Accommodation advice

The University on-campus accommodation is open and will only close if instructed to do so by ACT Health.

Common areas are cleaned regularly, and hand sanitiser dispensers are available within the buildings.

Residents are to wear face masks in all residence common areas.

In the event of a resident in any on-campus accommodation venue testing positive for COVID-19, ACT Health would be notified and UniLodge will follow the advice, guidance and instruction of ACT Health and communicate these actions to all residents.

Contact UniLodge

All calls about accommodation should be directed through to UniLodge using the contact numbers below.

  • UC Lodge +61 2 6110 4000
  • Cooper Lodge +61 2 6109 4200
  • Weeden Lodge +61 2 6113 5000
  • Campus West +61 2 6185 1820

International students overseas

UC has been approved to participate in the NSW/ACT International Student Return Pilot program. 

We are inviting our international students that are currently offshore and who would like to return to Australia, to register an expression of interest with UC.

You can do this via the survey on the International Student Return webpage. Completing the EOI is not a guarantee of a place to return, but will help us understand and support students that are seeking to continue their studies in Canberra in 2022.

More details about the plans in place for international students to return to Australia can be found on the International Student Return website.

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