COVID-19 updates and advice

The University is monitoring the COVID-19 situation around Australia and responding according to ACT Governments health advice.

Travel advice

Stay up-to-date with the ACT Government travel advice if you are planning to travel. ACT Health is currently urging Canberrans not to travel to areas where COVID-19 outbreaks are occurring.

NSW outbreak

Please continue to monitor the ACT Government and NSW Government websites for the latest advice and locations.

ACT Health has eased coronavirus quarantine requirements for those travelling from most parts of Greater Sydney.

Currently only Cumberland local government area (LGA) is classified as a COVID-19 hotspot by the ACT Government.

If you are currently in quarantine in the ACT and have been in the Cumberland LGA at any time in the past 14 days, you must complete your quarantine period.

QLD outbreak

Please continue to monitor the ACT Health and Queensland Health advice.

If you are identified as a close contact by Queensland Health or you have been to any one of the contact tracing locations you need to follow Queensland Health’s advice immediately and contact ACT Health on (02) 6207 7244.

COVID-safe travel

Follow the ABCs of COVID-safe travel:

  • Avoid COVID-affected areas - check the COVID website of the state or territory you are travelling to. If you are welcoming relatives or visitors from interstate, please ask them not to come if they are travelling from an area with a recent case or are feeling unwell.

  • Behave in a COVID-safe way - be vigilant with hand and respiratory hygiene, maintain physical distancing from other groups, and stay home if feeling unwell.

  • Check back when you’re home - monitor the COVID website of the state or territory you visited to see if they had any cases, for two weeks after your return. Follow the website’s advice about testing and self-isolation. If you feel unwell with COVID symptoms while away or when you return, please get tested immediately and self-isolate until you get the result.

Accommodation advice

The University on-campus accommodation is open and will only close if instructed to do so by the relevant Federal or State authorities.

Common areas are cleaned a minimum of four times a day, hand soap and/or sanitiser dispensers are available within the buildings.

Residential Advisors are monitoring common areas in accordance with Government guidelines. The physical distance requirements are clearly linked to essential and non-essential gatherings and does not apply to residential spaces.

In the event of a resident in any on-campus accommodation venue testing positive for COVID-19, ACT Health would be notified and UniLodge will follow the advice, guidance and instruction of ACT Health and communicate these actions to all residents.

Travel to Canberra from identified NSW hotspots

If you are travelling to the ACT from the Cumberland LGA hotspot to commence or continue with your studies, please be mindful of the travel advice, quarantine and exemption requirements.

ACT Health exemption: students staying in campus accommodation

If you are a returning or new student about to commence student accommodation (UniLodge) in 2021, ACT Health considers you a non-ACT resident. This means that you will only be able to enter accommodation via an approved exemption and you will be required to enter 14-day quarantine.

To streamline your return to campus, UC will be facilitating a bulk exemption process for on-campus residential students to ensure that your passage to Canberra and subsequent quarantine can be adequately managed through UniLodge and with the support of UC Medical and Counselling.

Please do not apply for an individual exemption through ACT Health. ACT Health will not approve exemptions for students staying in University accommodation if you are not registered through the University process. Failure to register with us may mean you are not able to return to Canberra in time to commence your studies.

Please provide the information detailed below to by 5pm on Wednesday 20 January:

  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Personal email address
  • Phone number in the ACT
  • Confirmation that you are staying in an approved University accommodation (provide copy of agreement)
  • Name of accommodation and address while in ACT (including suburb and postcode)
  • Details of your permanent residential address, including suburb and postcode (if different to address while in ACT)
  • Date you were last in a COVID affected area, as identified by NSW Health
  • Provide the details of a venue, location or if you have travelled on a public transport route at the same time as a confirmed case, as identified by NSW Health

The exemption process will be undertaken as follows:

  • Collation of all student details and submission to ACT Health: Thursday 21 January
  • Issue of exemption: Friday 22 January
  • Book in to campus accommodation and commence with 14-day quarantine: Monday 25 January

If you are unable to return to accommodation on this date, please arrange a time with UC and UniLodge in advance to ensure we can accommodate you. This requires at least 48 hours’ notice.

Students who register with us as staying in quarantine will receive follow-up communication with specific details of the requirements of their stay, details of travel and other useful information.

Students will not be able to quarantine together in shared accommodation.

Contact UniLodge

All calls about accommodation should be directed through to UniLodge using the contact numbers below.

  • UC Lodge +61 2 6110 4000
  • Cooper Lodge +61 2 6109 4200
  • Weeden Lodge +61 2 6113 5000
  • Campus West +61 2 6185 1820

ACT Health exemption: students staying in private accommodation

Students returning to, or taking up contracts for, private accommodation will need to follow the appropriate  ACT Health processes for entry into the ACT.

If you are a resident (defined as an individual who can provide evidence of long-term residency in the ACT, such as via a driver’s licence or lease of six months or longer), you are required to fill out the ACT Declaration form and attach the proof of residency.

If you are a non-resident taking up private accommodation – either a commencing student or someone who cannot provide documentation as proof of residency as outlined above – you will need to complete an exemption form. You should attach your Proof of Enrolment (self-generate via MyUC) or your Letter of Offer as supporting evidence to assist in expediting your exemption.

It is important to note that the exemption only enables your entry to the ACT, it does not exempt you from quarantine.

Both residents and non-residents are required to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival and should follow ACT quarantine guidelines.

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