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Support Cancer Research

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Your gift, our commitment

We are developing early detection & intervention to enable more effective treatments before cancer spreads.
We are providing cancer patients with more time to beat the disease.
We are developing accurate & non-invasive testing to enable more informed choices about personalised cancer treatment for the individual.
We aim to give hope & improve the quality of life for all patients and survivors of cancer.

We are improving the survival prognosis for cancer patients by working to eliminate cancer stem cells and prevent metastatic cancer.

We are positioning Canberra as an international platform for leadership and innovation.  
We are retaining a well-resourced industry in our city for the benefit of our community
We are developing a novel class of companion drugs to provide immunotherapy worldwide.
We provide an informed and accountable option for supporting research taking place in the ACT. One hundred per cent of your gift is directed towards the research.
Every gift has had a multiplier effect, allowing for the research to be advanced in the short term, and creating opportunities for long-term research funding and collaboration.