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It’s not often that we read good news in the fight against cancer, but thanks to ground-breaking research from the University of Canberra’s Melanie Swan Memorial Translational Centre we are making real progress in turning the tide in our war against this deadly disease.

Recent discoveries by Professor Sudha Rao and her team have led to the creation of new diagnostic testing procedures that are able to quickly and accurately detect biomarkers in the blood that can lead to cancer. The test gives oncologists the ability to proactively look for early signs of cancer and provide tailored solutions to combat and destroy it, before it takes hold.

Professor Sudha Rao and the family of the late Melanie Swan in the Memorial Translational Centre The Melanie Swan Memorial Translational Centre opened in 2019 in honour of Melanie Swan, a young mother who tragically lost her life to breast cancer. read more »


How it works

Nurses stationed in hospitals work with oncologists to collect and process blood samples and medical history from patients. Once the samples are batched, the centre then runs a series of unique tests on each blood sample looking for the key indicators that can lead to cancer. The results of each of these tests can either; quickly identify potential threats, or for those already receiving treatment, track minute changes allowing doctors to accurately adjust the individualised treatment for each patient accordingly. This early detection significantly improves a patient’s chance for survival.

What does that mean for cancer patients?

  • Less time is spent on trial and error
  • Oncologists can provide more personalised treatment plans
  • Patients gain back more valuable time in their fight against cancer

But we need your help

For the first time, we have the chance to take this research to the frontline where it is desperately needed. But we cannot achieve this vision without your help. Donations are needed to fund a second specialist nurse to work with oncologists and cancer patients and take this revolutionary research around Australia. Every small donation made by the public will make a big difference to changing the lives of those suffering from cancer. 100% of money raised will go directly towards a second clinical nurse and advancements to research at the Melanie Swan Memorial Translational Centre.

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Funds raised

Target: $100,000

Contact us

If you have questions or would like to know more about how you can help our research and fundraising activities, we would be glad to hear from you.

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