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Politics and Democracy

Course overview

Politics and Democracy provides a comprehensive overview of the study of democratic theory and its translation into political practice from Plato and Aristotle to the twenty first century international context.

Students will analyse and advocate solutions to political and democratic problems in historical and contemporary international context; identify and investigate different political systems and forms of government; the nature and distribution of power in them; the social, economic and cultural contexts within which they operate; and the relationships between them; appraise and assess the nature of democratic government and consider why democracy has historically been regarded as the worst form of government to the contemporary elevation of democracy as the best form of government; comprehend and articulate how politics and democracy are mediated to stimulate and negotiate different interpretations of democratic issues and events; and gather, organise and deploy evidence to construct reasoned argument, synthesise relevant information and exercise critical judgement using data, research and information from a variety of primary and secondary sources.


To be eligible students must be studying one of the following majors in their home college.

  • Australian & Global Politics T
  • Ancient, Pre-Modern or Modern History T
  • Global Studies T
  • World Religions T
  • Sociology T or
  • Legal Studies T


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