I am an ex-student looking to come back and complete my degree/award. How do I apply?

Welcome back to university! If you are a domestic student, who has previously studied at the University of Canberra, you may apply directly for BOTH undergraduate and postgraduate* courses. Our Admissions Dates page will advise you of the closing dates for all direct applications.

Please note that Ranked Courses have different closing dates.

Ranked Courses

Please see the current list of ranked courses and their closing dates at Ranked Courses.

We strongly recommend submitting your application prior to the application closure dates, to ensure timely notification and time to submit supporting documentation if requested.

*Please note: domestic students may also wish to apply through the UC online applicant portal. This type of application does not incur a processing fee.

If you are an international student, you will need to follow the International applications process.

In both domestic and international instances, if you are considering studying via flexible delivery, honours or in a research degree, the application process may be different. To find out whether you are eligible to apply directly to the University of Canberra, please contact the Student Centre.


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