How do I apply for cross-institutional studies?

Cross-institutional study is a great way to make the most of UC's flexible study arrangements and gain the benefits of study at another university. If the University of Canberra is NOT your home institution (i.e. you study elsewhere), you can apply for Cross Institutional or Non Award studies online.You will need to have your home institution approve this form and supply a letter with your application giving permission for you to study at the UC. This letter should also state the name of the unit/s to be studied and your HECS-HELP status. Return these documents to the UC Student Centre (1B150) or to

If the University of Canberra is your home institution (i.e. you study at UC), there are a couple of steps required:

  1. contact the the host university where you want to apply and ask them about their cross-institutional process and fill out their cross-institutional application form
  2. seek approval from your Course Convenor about the cross-institutional study and provide them with a unit outline from the host institution 
  3. fill out the Request for Approval of Cross Institutional Studies.This form needs to be approved by your Course Convenor and include a unit outline from the host institution as a supporting document and then returned to the UC Student Centre 
  4. the form will be sent to the Student Progress Department for processing. Once processed by Student Progress, you will be emailed a letter to give to the other institution
  5. after you have completed your study at the host institution, submit a copy of your transcript and a copy of the approval letter (from step 4) back to the UC Student Centre to apply for credit.

Please note: You must have studied at least half of your degree at the University of Canberra to be able to graduate from your degree when studying cross-institutionally.

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