What actually happens in a counselling session?

The counselling service can help you address a broad range of personal and/or study related issues. The types of issues people seek counselling for can be broad and varied but may include such things as anxiety, depression, health issues, relationship concerns, family issues, grief, sleeping difficulties, handling stress, procrastination, time management and study issues.

If you have concerns about these or other issues then the counselling service may be of benefit to you. Often, the longer an issue remains unattended, the more life may be affected by it. Early assistance with an issue may prevent it from developing into a major problem. 

If you are concerned or distressed about something in your life, talking with someone outside that situation can often help. Counselling is like a friendly conversation with someone who understands about people and the sorts of difficulties they can have in their lives. In this conversation, you talk as best you can about what is troubling you, and the counsellor listens and responds and works with you to find the best ways to manage the situation and your feelings.

To make an appointment, please call +61 2 6201 2351.

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