How do I change my nominated course completion period?

You need to ensure that you have correctly set your course completion period. If this information is incorrect, you will not be picked up as a potential graduand and may be overlooked for graduation.

To change your nominated completion period:

STEP 1Login to MyUC 
STEP 2 Click on the 'Enrolments & Timetable' tab
STEP 3 Click 'Self Enrolment' from the menu on the left-hand side
STEP 4Select the appropriate academic year and course (if applicable) you wish to update
STEP 5 Click the 'Course' link from the list of enrolment steps
STEP 6 Under the 'Nominated Completion Period' field, type in the year you are expecting to graduate
STEP 7Select either MID or END from the drop down box under 'Nominated Completion Period'
STEP 8Click 'Update' – At this point the screen should refresh where a green confirmation message will appear advising that your completion period has been successfully updated.


If you are due to complete your course requirements at the end of Semester 1 or Winter term, you should select 'MID' from the 'Nominated Completion Period' drop box. Those completing at the end of Semester 2 should nominate 'END' from the drop box. If you are unsure about which period to select, please contact the Student Centre.

Please be aware that there is a cut-off date for updating your course completion period if you are hoping to graduate in the upcoming round of ceremonies. Typically this is the end of week 5 of either Semester 1 or Semester 2. If you try to update your completion period after the cut-off, a message will display advising that you have missed the deadline. If this happens, please contact Student Progress and Graduation as soon as possible detailing your situation.

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