I am an international student who has become a Permanent Resident (PR) or Australian Citizen; what do I need to do to change my status?

Congratulations on your change of status! So we can update our records you will need to submit a Change of Status Application Form, which can be collected from and returned to the Student Centre in Building 1. You also need to provide original evidence of your permanent residency or citizenship status for copying and verification.

If there are Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) available in your course and you meet the eligibility requirements, you may be allocated a CSP. Please be aware that if you have a CSP as a Permanent Resident, you will still need to pay your fees upfront and in full.

Important Note: A fully completed Change of Status Application Form must be submitted prior to the Census date (end of week four of each semester) to ensure fees are charged at the domestic rate. International students who submit a Change of Status Application Form after the Census date will be required to pay the international student fee rate for the current semester.

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