How do I apply for HECS-HELP?

HECS-HELP is an Australian Government scheme that gives undergraduate students the option to defer paying their university fees until they start earning a taxable income. If you would like to apply for HECS-HELP, you will need to complete a 'Request for a Commonwealth supported place and a HECS HELP loan' form (also referred to as a Commonwealth Assistance Form or 'CAF'). Before completing this form ensure that you have read and fully understand your obligations in the information booklet Commonwealth supported places and HECS-HELP information.


All Commonwealth assistance forms must be completed in full by the Census date of the relevant teaching period. Failure to complete the Commonwealth assistance form by the Census date will result in the cancellation of your enrolment.



To apply for HECS-HELP you will need to navigate to the 'Commonwealth Assistance Form' step under the 'self-enrolment' component of MyUC. (Please be aware that you will need to complete all other steps under the self-enrolment module before accessing this form).


If you wish to defer all or part of your student contribution amount, you will need to supply your Tax File Number (TFN) at the time of submitting your Commonwealth Assistance Form. If you opt to defer any of your student contribution and have not provided your TFN by the Census date, you will be discontinued from your course.


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