How do I get credit/advanced standing for previous study?

Welcome back to study! If you have previously studied and would like to apply for credit (also known as advanced standing) towards your University of Canberra course, you will need to complete an Application for Credit (Advanced Standing) Form.

On submission of your application, a request will be sent to your Course Convenor for approval. If you are applying for credit based on studies at another institution, you will need to ensure you upload a certified copy of your academic transcript with your application.

Once your application has been processed, you will be able to view the credit that has been awarded through your MyUC account. For more information, please refer to 'Where can I find a list of my approved credit (advanced standing)?

If your application is approved, it is recommended that you seek advice from either your Course Convenor or Faculty Course Officer. They will be able to advise you in working out a study plan based on the credit that has been awarded.

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