How do I apply for a waiver of unit rules?

Unit rules determine who is eligible to enrol in a unit. This can be decided on the basis of previous or current study, i.e. unit pre-requisites and co-requisites; or degree specification, i.e. restricted subjects or unit sets. 

If you try to enrol in a unit with unit rules, you will receive a 'breach notification' alerting you that you have not met the unit rules. Applying for a waiver of unit rules involves requesting approval from your Unit Convenor to enrol into a unit where you do not meet the unit rules.

To action a breach notification


Navigate to the ‘Units’ section of self-enrolment in MyUC.


Search and add the unit you wish to enrol into using the search function.


After you have added the unit to your cart, select the ‘Proceed to Confirmation’ button to review your enrolment.


On the review page, the invalid unit should be highlighted in red. Click on the 'Apply for Waiver' link to the right of the unit you are requesting a waiver for.


Complete the details on the waiver request form outlining why you wish to have the unit rules waived.

Your request will be sent to the Unit Convenor who will assess if you have the necessary requisite knowledge to enrol. The Unit Convenor will then send an email to the Student Centre stating whether you are approved to undertake the unit. If approved, the Student Centre will enrol you and send a notification email advising that your request has been approved. If the Unit Convenor does not approve your request, you will also be sent an email informing you that your request has not been successful.

If you are required to make updates to your enrolment, please click ‘Clear Units’ in the unit step of self-enrolment. Ensure that you don’t select the ‘Delete’ tick box as this will remove the unit from your enrolment.

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